Electric Voyage

From Florø to Ålesund

Our CEO and Co-founder Leif A. Stavøstrand accompany by Trond Strømgren are going to conduct a 100% electric voyage along th the coast of Norway.

An Electric Boating exploration, 

An idea, a bet, a journey!

Our Evoy1, starting mid-July, will be conducting tourism cruises, taking visitors on guided tours in the protected Geiranger Fjord for our customer Fjord Guiding. 

Our passionated team thought that it would be just more FUN to sail to the customer instead of taking the road. 

And we were just so amazed about the fact that it was indeed possible after a little research to get to know where the team could charge along the way, the plan was set for a departure on the 9th of July 2021!


Our Electric voyage

A wonderful journey that we have documented every step of the way. You can see below our pictures and videos taken during our FUN trip! 


LocationsDistance [nm]
Florø – Berle15
Berle – Raudeberg17
Raudeberg – Kvamsøy24
Kvamsøy – Ulsteinvik16
Ulsteinvik – Ålesund15



These professionals have given us access to their sites for charging Evoy1 on our journey. 

We wanted to send them our warmest THANK YOU

  • Langøylaks AS and partners, Berle (fish farm)
  • Stadyard, Raudeberg (ship yard): https://stadyard.no/en
  • Jarle Støylen, Kvamsøy 
  • Ulstein Verft AS, Ulsteinvik (ship yard): https://ulstein.com/
  • Ålesund Hamn, Ålesund (port): https://alesund.havn.no/

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