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Evoy was founded in 2018 by CEO Leif Stavøstrand and his father Gunnar. Mortgaging the house, selling the boat and car, basically putting all his poker chips into Evoy, Leif managed to bootstrap his way to 2019, when a forward-leaning group of investors joined to accelerate Evoy forward, along with globally recognized Katapult Ocean in Oslo. Prominent investors including Lundin Foundation, Planet 9, Link VC, and Greenstat then supported a significant seed round. The founders are the majority owners today.

Soft funding has been important to Evoy all along (to maximise shareholder value).  Evoy has been fortunate enough to receive over €4m in grants, of which €2,3m emanated from the European Union’s Green Deal. Innovation Norway has also been an important supporter – along with many others.  These prestigious players recognize the vital importance of Evoy´s mission to reduce boating´s carbon footprint.  Indeed, already on our short journey, Evoy has received more than 30 prizes and grants, something that makes us humble and proud.

The EU is a cornerstone investor for this next round, with a €4m commitment (increased from the original 2,1m after Due Diligence). €1m was invested in a convertible loan exercised in 2021 together with the largest investors. 

Evoy is one of the absolute global frontrunners in the rapidly accelerating electric boat industry, with the most powerful electric boat motor systems in the world. Evoy has achieved more in almost 4 years than most thought was possible (the first product delivered in less than 3 years) and is now ready to ramp up with an engine line up that meets the demands of a wide range of boaters, from 120 hp to 400 hp.

The interest from all around the world is overwhelming!  Therefore, Evoy is bringing onboard new investors to branch out into Europe, to develop our technology and product range even further, and safeguard a high level of quality and service to our ever-growing customer base. Evoy is a fast-moving company, with a crew of very well-seasoned professionals that will take Evoy above and beyond imagination.

Evoy intends to capture the world´s imagination as a global brand with irresistible boating products and services.

This is a sea change you don’t want to miss!

If you are interested in joining us on our journey to green boating as an investor, please send us your details via the below form and we will be in contact.

Evoy® is currently not a Public Traded Stock. Thank you for your interest!