On the way of building electric boating Ecosystems, 

Evoy is investing heavily in developing the most advanced technology of inboard, outboard portfolio in the e-boating industry, addressing our customers’ business challenges from cost saving to predictive maintenance of their systems. 

To support this mission, we are building a partner ecosystem with programs that drive mutual success across the value chain and supporting our efforts to make the sea a better place to sail. 

Evoy is for the moment focusing on Norway and now ready to open its commercialization to Europe. 

If you are interested in joining our adventure, please enter your contact details on the form below and our leader team will be in contact shortly. 

  • Advanced Electrical System Integrators

We are actively looking for partners around Europe to support our clients in terms of installation and retrofit. 

  • Boat Builders / Boat Architects Leisure and Commercials

Evoy has driven a lot of interest through the years from end users and B2B fleets. If you wish to be added to our boat portfolio, please reach out so we can study together the integration capacities. 

  • B2B Boat Builders – Pilot Boats

Evoy has conducted many integrations through the year and is continuously working on enhancing its technology. If you wish to integrate the latest technology, please reach out for a Boat Pilot program.