Evoy® Leadership

In Evoy®, we acknowledge and recognize that our most important asset is the people and all the experience and competence that they bring to the table. That is why we are so proud to talk about the team and the leaders standing shoulder to shoulder. 

The leadership team are a team of experts from diverse and relevant backgrounds from maritime and business perspectives. Making sure to bring you the best possible services and products, to make a greener world and the sea a better place to Sail.

CEO Evoy Leif A. Stavøstrand

Leif A. Stavøstrand

Co-founder & CEO

COO Evoy Terrance Blanchard

Terrance Blanchard


Marius Dyrseth Evoy CTO

Marius Dyrseth


Evoy CDO Kjetil Watnedal

Kjetil Watnedal


Evoy Board of Directors

Evoy® take pride in bringing onboard the best possible helpers and advisors at any time. So is also the case with the agile and professional board, where their diverse and combined expertise is sure to put Evoy® on the course to a bright future for all the stakeholders involved.

Picture of Alf Helge Aarskog

Alf-Helge Aarskog


Image of Anne Mari Sunndal Bøe

Anne-Mari Sunndal Bøe

CFO, Fjord 1

Image of Jenny Carenco

Jenny Carenco

CEO, Prosper Social Impact, Sweden

Picture of Roger Flølo

Roger Flølo

Partner, Fjord Invest

Image of Knud Lorentzen

Knud Lorentzen

Independent Lawyer

Evoy Advisory Board

Evoy® has attracted extraordinary individuals to the Advisory Board to guide strategic direction, create industrial ties and accelerate the financial sustainable growth.

Evoy advisory board memeber Silje Vallestad

Silje Vallestad

Future Talks, Founder

Evoy advisory board member Trond Riiber Knudsen

Trond Riiber Knudsen

TRK Group, Founder & CEO

Evoy advisory board member Johan Brand

Johan Brand

Kahoot, Co-founder

Evoy advisory board member Eric Wahlforss

Eric Wahlforss

Dance, Founder & CEO

Evoy advisory board member Knut Heiberg Andersen

Knut Heiberg Andersen

Windy Boats, Executive Chairman

The people who work at Evoy share the vision and values of our company

We have the vision to eliminate boating emissions by developing innovative electric motor systems. This is born from committed craftsmanship, personality, and passion. 

Our employees are our most valuable assets who sail our boat and we appreciate every singe one of them. 

Awards & Grants


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