A clean, connected & powerful electric outboard system

Evoy Storm 300 hp electric outboard motor

Evoy® Storm 300+ HP

nominal. 225 kW/ peak. 450 kW

Ideal for 25 to 35 ft boats for single installation and 30 to 40 feet for double installation

Evoy Breeze 120 hp electric outboard motor

Evoy® Breeze 120+ HP

nominal. 90 kW / peak. 137 kW

Ideal for 15 to 25 ft boats for single installations and 23 to 30 ft for double installations.

A new era in maritime history

Evoy® Outboard Motor Systems – the new benchmark in marine propulsion technology. With a peak power that surpasses the competition, you’ll never have to worry about bringing your boat up to speed. Typical range is 20-25 nm in 20-35 knots, extended to 40-60 nm with speeds at 5 knots, making it perfect for most boaters. Range is dependent on motor size, battery, boat size, hull design, weather and currents. 

The motor’s robust design, rated IP66, ensures reliable performance in both fresh and saltwater environments. Thanks to the innovative E-Brain™ management system, maintenance costs and downtime are reduced with the added bonus of over-the-air updates. This cutting-edge technology prolongs the motor’s lifetime compared to conventional systems, making an Evoy® outboard a smart choice for any boater.

Worry Free Electric Boating

Evoy®’s high-output electric motor systems are powerful beyond all expectations with full torque from zero rpm.

The Breeze motor system has a 6 kW AC charger as standard, and the Storm system 20 kW AC. Options to upgrade to several chargers to 20 or 40 kW AC capacity for faster charging on normal outlets or wall boxes. Our systems are fully compatible and included with DC charging (also called Supercharging) enabling up to 200 kW supercharging, however limited to 1C continuously.

evoy electric inboard motor

Liquid-cooled battery

The batteries have been tested and approved according to DNV strict safety regulations. The batteries have IP67 waterproofing and liquid cooling. Designed for 3000 charging cycles with 70% DOD. Choose between 63, 126 or 189 kWh battery packs. 


Smart boating

Evoy®’s High Contrast TFT Touchscreens make your e-boating experience a treat. With the option of 10” or 16”, single or dual screens you are able to move physical buttons to the screen.

• Weather updates
• FM / DAB / radio
• Full Marine Navigation
• Bluetooth
• WiFi & 4G
• Over-the-Air updates
• NMEA support
• Real-time motor/battery status
• Charging Management
• Monitor cost and CO2 savings
• Triplog

• Echo-sounder w/data dashboard visualization
• Automatic Identification System (AIS) for traffis monitoring


Evoy® app

Enjoy complete overview of your boat from the comfort of your couch. The Evoy control system is connected 24/7. This means that we can show you near real time information about your boat as well as put you in complete control from the palm of your hand. 

Monitor the position, speed and heading of your boat at any time. 

Know your boat’s current state of charge, set charging threshold, start or stop charging. Manage charging directly from your phone without needing to be near the boat. 

Don’t worry about the starter battery draining, again. See current and historical values for starter battery voltage. More sensors and possibility to set up alerts coming soon. 

Your trips will automatically be recorded. See all your trips. Where you went, how fast you drove and how much energy you used. 

Multiple users? No problem. Share boat access from our app. And unshare it. 

Borrowed some energy at a friends house? Get full overview of your charging. When, where and how much did you charge.  

By driving an electric boat, you have zero emission while driving. See how much CO2 you are saving compared to a diesel or petrol boat. 

Get notified if you boat drifts or travels outside of a pre-defined area. 


120+ HP

Power 90+ kW

Torque 170 Nm

Weight 203,5 kg

200+ HP

Power 150+ kW

Torque 270 Nm

Weight 220 kg

300+ HP

Power 225+ kW

Torque 550 Nm

Weight 270 kg

400+ HP

Power 300+ kW

Torque 770 Nm

Weight 320 kg

A head-turning motor

• No emissions, odors or sound
• Very affordable to use
• High-capacity DC fast charging
• 50-100 nm in slow speed


When will it be available in my area?

We are open for order and pre-order worldwide. 

Please visit our configurator to learn more. 

Tell me about the batteries?

The outboard batteries have been tested and approved according to strict CE safety regulations. The batteries have IP 67 waterproofing and have been designed for 3000 charging cycles with 70% DOD. 

Is the boat connected?

With our software we can monitor your boat 24/7. We offer our customers Over-The-Air software updates. This allows for easy ongoing diagnostics and maintenance as well. We also provide a screen for the steerage onboard. Evoy® onboard and in the palm of your hand. 


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