Keep up to date with Evoy news and events around the world. 


Electric Goldfish X9 Powered By Evoy Hurricane 400hp inboard

Keep up to date with Evoy news and events around the world. 

Goldfish X9 Electric boat Powered by Evoy

What’s the range?

Within marine forums and during boat show debates, an electric boat’s battery pack and available range is one of the most frequently talked about subjects.    

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Evoy Storm 300 hp electric outboard motor

New Design – Storm 300+ hp electric outboard

The Evoy Storm is the world’s first 300hp electric outboard motor and by far the strongest electric outboard in the world! Powered by two 63kWh batteries, the 800 volt system with impressive torque easily passes 50 knots in most suitable boats.

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Nimbus T9 Powered by Evoy

Evoy partner with Nimbus

As the market for electric boats and consumer demand starts to increase, a recently signed agreement between Nimbus Group from Sweden and Norwegian electric motor system manufacturer, Evoy, is further evidence of the growing importance that boat builders are starting to place on electrifying some of their model range in the future.

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Upcoming events 2023

Sep 27-30

Monaco, MC

Monaco Yacht Show

Sep 30-Oct 1

Stockholm, SWE

Hamnen electric boat show

Nov 15-17

Amsterdam, HOL



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