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Audun Magne Askeland -

Evoy is pleased to introduce Audun Magne Askeland as our new CTO. He will be joining us in July and we are super excited as his current colleagues refer to him as “World-Class” in his field.

Audun grew up on the island Radøy, close to the sea, and has always enjoyed boats. He is passionate about all technology but at the same time loves nature. After graduating from NTNU as M.Sc. Electrical Engineer, he has worked with rotating electrical machines and drives from 100kW to 320MW holding various positions. Later years have been spent in product development as technical team lead. With over 20 years of experience, he will bring a lot of technical knowledge to the team, and he is motivated to make a difference.

Welcome on board Audun, we are stoked to have you with us! We will do great things together!

Evoy is happy to announce that we from today are a registered Trademark in Europe, not just in Norway.


Evoy is now putting together the system for what will be the fastest electric serial-produced boat in the world. Evoy is a system integrator and technology owner that can deliver systems to all boats, used or new. Check out the podcast from Tekfisk here. It is in Norwegian.


Evoy is happy to announce that we have partnered up with Helgeland Plast in Mo i Rana – Norway – (fully owned by AKVA Group) to test our first system in one of their very well tested Polarcirkel. The Polarcirkel boats have been the preferred boat for fish farmers and professionals for decades in Norway, and have proven their durability through extreme conditions and usage. If an electric system can survive the use in a Polarcirkel, it will survive anything.

The system to be installed in the Polarcirkel 860 is the same that is going into serial production Q3 2019. In peak power, the motor can put out 600 hp and we estimate a top speed of around 60 knots. If we make the target this will be the fastest serial produced electric boat in the world. In the normal cruising speed of about 25 knots, we expect about 1-hour range. We plan to have the boat on the water by 1. of June 2019.

You can also read about it here in TU.

Evoy is cooperating with Chooose to become climate neutral. Firstly we make a yearly contribution for  our employees so that everyone is climate neutral. Secondly, we make a contribution through Choose to make sure that every sold electric propulsion systems are climate neutral as well, including the battery. That means that when you by an electric propulsion system from Evoy, you are climate positive from day one. Evoy is committed to making a difference in the battle against global warming, and this is just another way to bring us in the right direction. If you want to know more about how Chooose works, you can read more about them here.

Evoy’s has the pleasure of introducing Solheim Diesel in Florø, Norway, as their first dealer of Electric Propulsion systems for retrofit. They have an excellent track record from many happy customers and today they do many retrofits of both outboards and inboards.  Evoy and Solheim Diesel will work together closely in the months and years to come to make sure that the end customers get the best possible service and products from us. Take contact at if you want to hear about the possibilities of becoming a dealer for Evoy’s line of products.