An important milestone! Evoy is pleased to announce that this week we have signed a letter of intent with Elin Tveit Sveen CEO of Marø Havbruk and E. Karstensen Fiskeoppdrett As, to purchase Evoy systems for their boats. This was presented to The Minister of Fisheries Harald T. Nesvik, today at a visit to Svanøy Røykeri As

Evoy uses letters of intent from interested customers to apply to Enova, allowing up to 50% support for system costs, and 40% support for infrastructure. 

Come and see us at Aqua Nor 2019, stand S-911 if you want to learn more or to try out demo boat. Plus, reserve your place in our delivery queue.

Norway has an estimated 555,000 motorized recreational boats and over 10,000 professional boats. TU believes that the transition has begun for more boats to run on electricity. Even The Prime Minister of Norway is saying that our electric engines allow boats to better suited for “out in nature”. Read here, to know more.

We are excited to announce that Erna Soberg will be the godmother to our first demo boat Evoy1. It is a massive milestone for Evoy and we look forward to presenting our system to the boating world. If you would like to read more or learn more about Evoy see here. Or read articles written about see here.

It is great to see the constant development and growth of electric boats in the world.

We at Evoy are lucky enough to be headlined for this piece, written by Plugboats. But it is also exciting to see all the other developments going on around electric boats, with Frauscher Yachts, Gloss Yachts and X Shore boats. If you want to know more bout the amazing developments in the electric boat world, then read here.

Check out an artcile written by Plug boats and their perspective about what an Evoy system can do for a Polarcikel workboat. See here.

We were lucky to be asked to do a podcast about the first water trials of Evoy1. It is a great listen that explains in more detail about Evoy1 and its performance factors. See Here .
If you are interested in knowing more about Evoy’s work so far and our plans make sure to check it out!

Fridapost is just as keen as we are to see what our demo boat can do in terms of top speed and performance. Read more about what Fridapost thinks about Evoy and our demo boat here.

Helgeland Plast is excited to be the first boatmaker in Norway to have a Evoy system installed in one of their boats. They are just as excited as we are about the possibilities of electric engines for boats in Norway. Read more about this here.

We estimate that Evoy1 will be the worlds fastest serial production electric boat, but of course, we are not 100% sure which speed we will reach, it could be more. We are conducting system optimizations over the next 4 weeks to see how fast we can go.

We are excited to announce that we will be at Aqua-Nor the world’s largest aquaculture conference on August 20th – 23rd. We will have our demo boat available for viewing and test driving. If things go as we hope, we will be doing a promotion tour from Florø to Trondheim the first 2 weeks in August.

The boat is built with our partners Helgeland Plast (a subsidiary of AKVA group – Norge) and Clean Marine Switchboards. But we can can’t forget Innovasjon Norge – Vestland and Sparebanken Sogn og Fjordane who have been important in realising this boat.