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Evoy® means “Electric Voyage.” A voyage is by definition “a long journey involving travel by sea or in space”. For Evoy, this means sea travel. At least for now.

Evoy®’s vision is to deliver an irresistible emission free boating experience.

Silence, zero emissions, and low ongoing operating costs (compared to diesel or petrol). And further, our systems are reliable – just four moving parts compared to an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) which has over 2000 parts.

Evoy® is currently best suited for inboard and outboard planing hull boats between 20 and 50 feet.
Unlike ICEs, the full torque of an electric motor can be available from 0 rpm. Evoy allows you to plane more efficiently and faster.

Please contact us for what boatbuilder Evoy are partnered with.

With our software we can monitor Evoy and your boat 24/7. Further, we offer our customers Over-The-Air (OTA) software updates. This allows us to keep systems up to date and provide easier remote diagnostics and maintenance. We have partnered with Nextfour in Finland to provide the screens onboard – plus we have our own app so Evoy is always in the palm of your hand.

Both. We have partnered with a number of boatbuilders and boat designers so Evoy can provide a preinstalled electric propulsion system. Regarding retrofits, due to the small size of our inboard motor, for example, in most cases there will be sufficient space for the batteries and system components in the engine and fuel tank room. With some boats you of course might need to do some modifications with an approved marine workshop (contact us for a recommended partner in your region). To retrofit your boat with our 120hp Breeze, the fuel tank room and other compartments will in many cases be sufficient room for batteries and system components. It will require less room under deck for motor, battery and system components with an outboard system compared to an inboard system.

We have customers today throughout the Nordics and Europe and are selling to other countries like the US and Japan on a case by case basis.

We  are constantly expanding to other countries through chosen partners.

Batteries are 63 kWh and can be charged with 0.7C. Charging time with 80% DoD is approx. 50-60 minutes for one or two batteries with DC high speed charging. See table below for different options and scenarios. Note that time given is optimal theoretical time, please add 10-20% to get real charging time.

Evoy Charging Matrix Electric Boat 0.67C

Range is dependent on boat size, hull design, speed, number of batteries etc. Typical range is 15-25 nm for boats 7-10 meters with 1-2 batteries and speed 20-35 knots. At 5 knots you can expect up to 12 hours. With foils or special low weights, considerable longer ranges can be achieved. We can make estimates for range if we know fuel consumption (diesel or gasoline) for a specific boat.

Yes, we offer range extension options. Please contact us for more details.

Evoy® Quality Guarantee
Evoy offers a 12-month system warranty as standard. We can offer an extended warranty to 24 months.

The cost of an extended warranty to 24 months (i.e. a one-year extension) for the Marine Electric Motor system is NOK 25,000. A one-year extension provides a 24-month warranty for the engine system and battery.

All devices that are connected to the Evoy battery, electrical system and DC link must be integrated as part of the Evoy power management system. Control can be via Evoy screen, possibly also external control. For the warranty to apply, Evoy must integrate all components in the power management system.

Evoy is committed to the highest quality customer service. We know this is key.
From our experience, we can view service scenarios in 3 Steps.

1. We diagnose and solve 9 out of 10 problems over-the-air.

2. In the event of an issue requiring local service, we will source a local electrician.

3. We will send one of our own Evoy technicians.

We have partnered with a global leader in Austria for our battery packs and believe they are the best choice today in the market. They are designed for maritime use, offering very good C rates, crucial for electric power systems. CE approved.

Our fully integrated unique liquid cooling system includes the battery modules enabling 3,000 charging cycles with 70% DOD.

Battery Information:

Continuously discharge/charge – Cont. 2C/1C — Peak 4/C

Voltage (nominal) – 365 VDC

Weight (dry/complete) – 380 + 20 kg

Energy – 63 kWh (56kWh available)

Dimensions x 1 – (L) 1.111mm x (W) 795mm x (H) 351 mm

Other – IP 67, CE Certified, Liquid cooled

Battery upgrade path:

  • Normal range
    63 kWh
  • Long range
    126 kWh
  • X-Long range
    189 kWh / 252 kWh

To design your own system, please visit our Evoy Configurator.

Please visit our Evoy Configurator.

We’re experiencing a lot of interest from sales agents and dealership worldwide. Minimum requirements to be considered as a sales agent are the following:

  • You must buy at least one system and install it on a demo boat
  • You need to have a marina with a demo boat in the water at all times
  • You need to be able to do installments on new boats as well as retrofits
  • You need to be able to do service and have certified electricians

If all these requirements are met we will consider your application and discuss a potential set-up in your region.

Interested? Feel free to reach out to us on

Infrastructure to charge your electric boat is available today at marinas with an AC outlet. DC-charging networks for fast charge will be developed by power companies as part of their strategy plan. We have already announced two major partnerships in that regard – Plug in Norway and Aqua Superpower in France.


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