Evoy hosts open house for Florø community

Perched at the edge of an archipelago in Norway’s westernmost town, Evoy is known worldwide for its powerful electric motor systems for boats. Evoy’s recent open house aimed to actively involve the local seafaring community in our commitment to achieve emission-free boating and enhance our ESG goals. 

Florø Town in Norway

On November 25, Evoy welcomed residents of Florø, Norway to an open house at our flagship factory as well as sea trials with our electric boats on Frøysjøen. Evoy designs, develops, and builds high-output electric motor systems for boats sized 20-50 ft. As a sustainable business in a small maritime town, we wanted to share our mission to accelerate the shift to emission-free boating with the local community and enable everyone experience why electric boating is irresistible.   

Evoy’s open house draws a crowd

Around 300 people participated in Evoy’s buzzing open house, which included behind the scenes tours of our production facilities at Hamregata 19 – where we develop, test, and build electric boat motor systems – as well as test driving electric boats from the scenic pier at Kolkaia.    

‘Florø is a historic sea community. It was exciting to see how many people were genuinely interested in how Evoy builds innovative electric motor technology,’ said Nic May, commercial intern at Evoy and Florø resident. ‘Visitors were able to feel the thrill and power of going for a spin in an electric boat.’  

The boats available for sea trials included the powerful, newly-built Raven RIB with our Outboard Storm 300+ hp electric motor system, the HyFoil RIB tour boat by Green Fjords with Evoy’s Breeze 120+ hp outboard system, as well as the sleek, fast Goldfish X9 with Evoy’s Outboard Hurricane 400+ hp – capable of an impressive 800 peak horsepower and a speed of 60 knots. By exhibiting these electric boats, the public was able to witness that electric boating doesn’t compromise on any aspect from power to speed; if anything it sets the bar even higher than before! 

Evoy day sea trials with electric Raven Rib boat

‘It was my first time on an electric boat and feeling the power and responsiveness was simply amazing. I’m blown away and cannot wait to see what the future holds for electric boating'

Jonny Berg, Florø resident

The sea trials took place from 11am to 3pm, with the boats taking passengers on loops around beautiful Frøysjøen and its mountainous islands and rocky islets. Keeping with classic Norwegian food traditions, the fun started and ended with refreshments including Norwegian heart-shaped waffles with brunost, jam, and rømme, as well as freshly caught brown crabs.  

Evoy Week draws diverse stakeholders from media and politicians to end-customers

Evoy’s popular community open house was part of a larger Evoy Week, November 21-27, organized to welcome all electric boating stakeholders and potentially new electric boaters to Evoy headquarters. Along with sharing the irresistible electric boating experience with residents, Evoy hosted press, investors, politicians, and customers demonstrating the widespread interest in zero-emission boating.   

The event garnered interest from media in Norway (Baatsans.no) as well as international boat publications in Belgium (Bootmag.be), Slovenia (val-navtika.net), Italy (www.vaielletrico.it), and beyond. Despite high winds and heavy rainfall that almost grounded the flight, the journalists flew in to tiny Florø for the full Evoy experience, from the weather and geography that are part of our origin story to the innovations that resulted.   

Although the weather continued to display the characteristic unpredictable bouts of rain and wind for which western Norway is famous, the sea trials for media were a success, demonstrating the robustness of Evoy’s high-output electric propulsion. CEO Leif Stavøstrand, Chief Technical Officer Marius Dyrseth, and Chief Digital Officer Kjetil Watnedal were on hand to drive the test vessels and to share more about our product offerings and future plans.  

As Evoy grows from the start-up to scale-up stage, expanding into new international markets, there are many groundbreaking developments in our electric motor systems and digital product offerings. Evoy also invited our co-owners and investors to come and see where the magic happens. We count on engagement and feedback from our shareholders to continue to be a market leader in high-output electric motor systems.   

Following the shareholder visits, Evoy held a dedicated day for politicians who have policy impact on relevant ESG goals to reduce maritime emissions and increase local jobs in greentech businesses. Evoy invited two local politicians, Olve Grotle (Høyre) and Alfred Bjørlo (Venstre), as well as the mayor of Florø, Bengt Solheim Olsen, to come and see what we’ve been stirring up these past years.   

‘We take great pride in our local politicians who advocate for the progress by proposing that all onshore infrastructure for electric ferries and maritime vessels should be made available to all consumers,’ said Beate Grønnevik, Evoy CFO and Florø resident. ‘They also demand that future public tenders for commercial ferries and express boats prioritize accessibility to electrical infrastructure, paving the way for a sustainable future in both sea and land transport.’   

Finally on Monday, 27th November, Evoy ended the eventful week by hosting avid boaters and potential customers to feel the wind through their hair with sea trials and assembly hall tours.  

ESG as a core value

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards are core values at Evoy, which is why it’s important to us to engage with the community. We know that the more people have access to electric boats, the faster we can transition to zero-emission boating.   

Our plug-and-play, versatile motor systems make the transition to electric boating accessible to all segments, commercial and recreational, speeding up the sea change to zero emissions in the maritime industry. One electric boat has the potential to offset 50 tons of CO2 in a year, which is 25 times more than an electric car. Evoy plans to offset 700,000 tons CO2 by 2030.  

Innovation in maritime transportation technology has made waves throughout the world. With electric boating, we’re talking about silent waves. Electric boating not only benefits the environment because it’s emission-free, it also improves the boating experience for operators, passengers, waterside towns, and even marine life because it’s silent. 

By opening our doors to everyone and making electric boating accessible, we aim to help electric boating reach the inflection point where it’s the only option. Evoy endeavors to have a positive impact both locally and internationally through reducing emissions, creating jobs, enhancing the regional economy, hosting public events, and collaborating with other innovators in the cleantech and ocean sectors.  

We look forward to carrying on the tradition next year and seeing even more smiles than we did this past week! 

More about Evoy’s role accelerating the shift to zero-emission electric boating

Evoy, founded in 2018 by Leif Stavøstrand and his father Gunnar, has now grown from a dream to reality. We put our first prototype on the water in 2019. It broke the world record – unofficially – with 55 knots speed. In 2021, customers received the first turnkey electric motor systems in the boat of their choice. As the industry forerunner and innovator of turnkey electric motor systems, Evoy has supplied technology to some of the world’s most recognized boatbuilders including Axopar Boats, Hydrolift, Goldfish, and SAY Carbon Yachts and more with markets in 18 countries and counting.  

Our mission is to reduce boating emissions without compromising on power or ease of use, creating an irresistible boating experience. We believe that once people experience the thrill of electric boating, they won’t want to go back. The voyage has just begun. 

More about Florø, Norway – Evoy’s headquarters

Florø is located north of the 61st parallel, i.e. further north than the southern tip of Greenland or the southern shores of Alaska, and is the westernmost town in Norway.   

Founded in 1860, the city today has 11,000 inhabitants. Its economy is mainly linked to fish farming and maritime construction. 

Located 1 hour 15 minutes by flight from Oslo , Florø has a small regional airport. Three daily rotations are provided with the country’s capital, as well as several connections with Bergen, the second largest city. 


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