Inboard hurricane GENERATION 2


Evoy’s Hurricane electric inboard motor system is a revolution for the electric boat market!
This plug & play, easy to install, powerful motor can fit any kind of boat including retrofits. It is best suited for fast boats from 20 to 50ft.

This robust system offers up to 800 hp at peak, and world leading speed and range capabilities.
Making it not only the fastest electric motor available in the market but THE solution making the shift to more sustainable boating possible.


Advanced Capacities

The new generation of our hurricane inboard comes with a new cooling system that allows it to navigate into warmer seas the tropics or Middle east. In addition to improved technical specifications, the next generation of the Hurricane Electric Inboard has been re-designed making it more compact and easier to install.
Its new design is thought to be 100% plug and play, to fit any kind of boat.
One of our customer boat builders has reported that it took him the same time to install our hurricane electric boat motor as a standard diesel engine! Making the shift to more sustainable boating not a dream but a commercial reality.

For a connected Fleet

Evoy’s new generation hurricane inboard electric system is a robust system designed for +1000 hours per year. With open API and Saas fleet management software, you can monitor in real time your fleet, and predictive maintenance capacities with OTA-over the air software updates and remote maintenance from our team.  

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