Evoy raise 7,3 mill euros in funding for growth

A great 7,3 million € funding round fuels Evoy’s trajectory towards becoming the go-to-brand worldwide for performance electric boating. Evoy’s demo boat is the fastest electric boat in the world, with top speed over 60 knots, illustrating Evoy’s second to none technology.

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Evoy and Aqua superPower with new partnership

Evoy and global marine fast-charging network operator Aqua superPower are proud to announce a strategic partnership to facilitate the transition to sustainable commercial boating. We are both one of the global frontrunners in the rapidly accelerating electric boat industry, and will jointly promote the adoption of e-mobility in the marine sector. 

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Lydløs Florø electric boat festival

Electricity is taking over for fossil fuels on the road. At sea, on the other hand, electrification is slow. The big boat and engine manufacturers are skeptical of the idea of phasing out the fossil engine in favor of electric operation. Some even claim that it is impossible. The audience is also hesitant. This is where Lydløs festival comes in.

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Launching Breeze

We are happy to announce the introduction of a new Evoy motor, the Breeze. Both for inboard and outboard this 120 hp motor punches well above its weight, with up to 185 hp in peak performance.

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