The Evoy team is expanding 

The summer of 2022 has passed, and this year’s boat shows, and events are slowly coming to a halt, but that doesn’t mean Team Evoy is resting up, quite the contrary!   

Worldwide interest

We have experienced an immense increase in interest from all around the world this year. This recognition fuels engagement and generates activity that opens a window of opportunity for new talent to join our team.  The additional talented heads and hands will strengthen our position and ensure we are well prepared to handle the scale up of production that is expected for 2023/2024.

From our travels throughout Europe this season, meeting some of the experts and the elite of the boating industry, it has yet again confirmed and reinforced our strong belief that it’s time to go electric.  We are thrilled at all the attention and positive feedback we have harvested from a variety of establishments, eminent boat companies and recognized individuals from all around the world.

Evoy has been labelled a global front runner within electric boating, and we have a duty to accelerate the transition to electric boats.  To make this transition we are totally dependent on the recognition, respect and support we receive from our dedicated investors, well-grounded partnerships, renowned boat builders and our valued customers, to name a few.   

It is imperative for Evoy to continue to employ the best qualified and highly motivated talent to join our team, adding their knowledge and expertise to enable us to move forward at the right pace and continue to strengthen our position as a leading supplier of the most powerful plug-and-play electric motor systems in the world. We find that the attention and recognition we receive also sparks enthusiasm and interest from potential candidates, locally and on an international scale.   

We opt for a vibrant and innovative workplace culture and in Evoy we value diversity.  We are proud to announce that we have an international and multicultural team where our employees represent a variety of countries and continents, some of which include Norway, Poland, Italy, Syria, Pakistan, Iran, France, and India.  We find that a diverse team offers a broader perspective and ensures we reap the benefits of improved problem solving and increased innovation that will regularly challenge the status quo of our company.   

Evoy Team People

In July, we welcomed Paolo Perico, our new Quality Engineer to Team Evoy.  In joining Evoy, Paolo resigned from his position at Arrival in the UK and decided to move to Florø, Norway. Paolo has previously worked as a Quality Engineer within the automotive industry and his previous employers include Ferrari, McLaren and Arrival.  Paolo is originally from the city of Bergamo in Italy and his hometown is at the very foothill of the Italian Alps, also known to be one of the most scenic cities in Italy. 

“Moving to Norway from UK has probably been one of the best decisions I’ve ever taken in my life, especially having such a great working opportunity waiting for me on the other side of the North Sea. Evoy offered me an amazing opportunity to contribute to the sustainability of the maritime transportation industry, which is so inspiring. We have a clearly defined mission, to accelerate the transition to emission free and sustainable boating, which is fully aligned with my passion for nature and sustainability. Moving to Florø has been a smooth process, Evoy took care of everything from practical documentation to finding accommodation. The region has incredible nature, from steep mountains to white sandy beaches, and Florø is a perfect base to explore all these Norwegian wonders.”
Evoy Paolo Perico
Paolo Perico
Quality Engineer

Paolo is easing into the Norwegian lifestyle, currently co-sharing an Evoy apartment in Florø with his newly appointed team-mates, Daniel Kvam from Trondheim, Norway and Harald Bryn from Voss, Norway.   

Daniel is employed as Service- and Production Technician and is a certified electrician, his past work experience includes positions as Electrician and Electrical Engineer at NTNU (Norwegian Technical University), NTE Elektro and Multiconsult AS.  Daniel has made the move to Florø together with his partner, Amanda and their four-legged friend, the boxer named Askari.   

Harald holds two bachelors, first in Electronics and the second bachelor grade is in Automation- and Robotics and we feel very fortunate to have Harald join us as our Trainee through Framtidsfylket for the coming year.  We aim to offer Harald a permanent position in Evoy when his 12-month traineeship is complete.  

To further boost our team, we have been fortunate enough to secure highly sought-after local talent to fill some important positions in Evoy.   

In august, Mari Hillersøy Eriksen joined Team Evoy to fill the Production Planner position.  Mari is a local Florø girl with a bright mind and a matching personality.  She holds a bachelor’s degree within marketing communication and in addition has added higher education the later years to become a teacher.  Mari has previously worked within the oil and gas industry, holding positions as a logistics coordinator for companies like Equinor and SCM Services.  She resigned from her job as a teacher at Florø Senior High School to join Evoy.  

Lene Kjøde is originally from the breathtaking region of Selje near Stadtlandet on the west coast of Norway but has lived in Florø for most of her adult life.  In medio august, we were lucky to secure Lene as our new Financial Associate.  She holds a bachelor’s degree within Economy and Administration.  Lene has several years work experience within financial departments where she has gained broad knowledge within finance and economics.  Her previous employers have included EWOS/Cargill and NorTekstil. 

Sander Havnen Talsæte is born and raised in Florø and joined our team as a production assistant on the 1st of September.  He has quickly proved his talent as a practical hands-on kind of guy, with the right mindset and one who welcomes a new challenge.  Sander holds two separate trade certificates; he is both a certified machine operator and construction worker.  Sander has previously worked as a machine operator for Berg Maskin & Transport and has also worked within the oil and gas industry as a seasonal worker for Halliburton.  

Dino Omerovic is the latest addition to Team Evoy and joined us on in September to fill a temporary assignment as Intern Commercial.  Dino is currently completing his bachelor’s degree within Organization, HR- and Leadership.  He is bringing added value to our team in many ways and has quickly adapted to his new responsibility areas within event planning and sales.  Dino is the captain of our local Florø football team, and we recognize his dedication and positive attitude, to be found both on and off the field.  

It is most beneficial for all when we experience that our team members share a common mission at work and in addition, may also share several common interests in their leisure time.   

Team Evoy is a happy and social bunch, and we know that happiness leads to higher engagement that makes people more productive.  We strive to have a set number of social Evoy happenings throughout the year.  We are also very fortunate to have some of our electric boats docked in Florø for parts of the year and that gives our employees the impromptu opportunity to jump onboard for an electric ride, perhaps to experience a sunset in the horizon, or free dive for some scallops or sea urchins in the archipelago surrounding Florø?    

We encourage all to contribute to a healthy and including work environment and emphasis the importance of affiliation and pride, making sure our employees continue to feel valued.   

Maybe you are one of our new team members! APPLY TODAY! 

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