11 reasons why you should choose an electric boat 

Investing in an electric boat motor system is more than a choice; it’s a commitment to cleaner air and water, lower operational costs, and a future-proof boat for work or pleasure. 

Evoy Electric Boat Motors

Everything that can electrify will electrify. Much like electric cars, electric boats are gaining momentum. As sustainable technology rapidly evolves and regulations on emissions increase, electric boating is set to become the only option.    

Evoy designs and builds high-output electric boat motor systems with 120-400 hp that fit planing and displacement boats sized 15-50 feet. If you’re in the market for a new boat, it’s worth exploring the compelling advantages of going electric now.   

From eliminating emissions, to a whisper-quiet experience on the water, and lower operational expenses, there are many future-proof benefits to choosing an electric boat.  

We navigate the top reasons to invest in an electric motor system for your maritime work or recreational boating adventures below:  

Reason 1: Zero-emission boating

Eliminating CO2 emissions is arguably the most significant win for electric boating. The shift to electric boats across market segments and industries will decarbonize the maritime sector and have a huge positive impact on the environment.

Evoy fact:  
Evoy aims to accelerate the shift to zero-emission boating with our electric inboard and electric outboard motor systems that deliver the power and range to meet boaters’ needs. One electric boat from Evoy can offset 40 tons of CO2 in a year, which is the equivalent of 20 electric cars*. Evoy aims to offset one million tons of CO2 by 2035.  

 *500 hr x 30 ltr x 2.67 kg CO2 / ltr = 40 tons CO2 -e. // Norway: ca. 2 Tons CO2-e pr car ‘DNV Report How Norways EV’s Have Cut Emissions Globally’ 

Reason 2: Clean water

Using electric boat motors not only results in cleaner air, it results in cleaner water. Unlike conventional combustion engines, electric motor systems for boats do not leave oil residue in marine ecosystems, ensuring that the waterways remain untainted by the pollutants. 

Evoy fact:  
Evoy’s end customers include fish farmers as well as families who enjoy watersports. Clean water is important to everyone!  

Reason 3: Quiet boating

Electric boating is whisper-quiet. Quiet boating has benefits for recreational and commercial boats. You can enjoy silence on the water. You can hear the people you set out to spend time with. If you work in tourism or aquaculture, you can navigate the marine environment without disturbing nature and sea life.   

Evoy fact:
Our fjord tourism customer
Bonseye operates excursions on the UNESCO protected Geirangerfjord. They told us: their trip guests love being able to hear the birds out on the water, which they couldn’t do when they had petrol engines.

Evoy Electric and Silent Boating

Reason 4: Low-maintenance

When adopting new technology, many worry about maintenance. Most electric motor systems have far fewer parts than combustion engines. The absence of engine oil, filters, and complex fuel systems simplifies operations, saving both time and resources. Electric motors are less likely to need maintenance and repairs than combustion engines.  

The new wave of electric motor system companies as well as electric boat companies are also using their energy for innovation and cutting-edge solutions in technology, developing and integrating proprietary software and apps that make boat ownership and maintenance even easier.   

Ultimately, with an electric boat, you spend more time on the water and less time at the dock.   

Evoy facts: 
Evoy’s electric motor systems have four moving parts, in stark contrast to the 2000 parts of most combustion engines, and 80% lower maintenance costs when compared to combustion engines. 

Evoy’s motors are linked to our advanced software with digital features including remote and predictive diagnostics, fleet management, and more.  

Reason 5: Financial savings – low operating costs and high Return on Investment (ROI)

The initial spend or acquisition cost of on an electric motor system is higher than a combustion engine. But the operating costs of a boat with an electric motor system – when you eliminate fuel costs and reduce maintenance costs – are significantly lower.   

An overall cost comparison of electric motors versus combustion engines over the long term shows electric motors win the cost comparison.

Evoy facts: 
Fuel cost savings: Evoy’s electric boat motors eliminate the need for fossil fuels, resulting in substantial savings in fuel costs over time. Electricity is up to seven times cheaper in Norway than diesel or gasoline.  

If system maintenance arises, Evoy’s remote diagnostics solve 90% of issues we encounter in supporting our customers. 

Reason 6: Instant acceleration

Electric boating is simply more fun. You can accelerate up to cruising speed instantly because you have immediate electric power. There’s no need to warm up the engine. It’s a thrilling experience! 

Evoy fact:
Did you know Evoy built the world’s most powerful outboard electric motor system? The Evoy Storm outboard motor is the world’s first 300hp continuous electric outboard motor and by far the strongest electric outboard in the world! Powered by two 63kWh batteries, the 800-volt system has an impressive torque easily passes 50 knots in most suitable boats.   

Evoy’s powerful inboard and outboard motor systems range from 120 to 400+ horsepower. Evoy’s electric propulsion systems deliver instant torque, offering swift acceleration and responsive maneuverability. This agility allows your boat to navigate crowded areas, dock efficiently, and enjoy a seamless, easy, fun boat trip.  

Evoy Breeze 120 hp electric outboard motor system

Reason 7: Smart digital solutions

The new wave of electric motor system and electric boat companies prioritize developing proprietary software and apps that make boat ownership easy and fun.  You can monitor and take care of your boat from anywhere.   

Evoy fact:
Evoy’s proprietary digital products are as innovative and effective as our high-output motors. Our software, onboard touchscreens, app, and remote service give you full control and support wherever you are. You have trip planning, trip logs, charging management, sensor readings, and more at your fingertips. 

Reason 8: Future-proof: compliant with increasing regulations

Governments worldwide are implementing strict regulations to limit emissions and noise on the water. In Amsterdam, for example, combustion boats are set to be banned by 2025. Other locations that ban combustion engines on the water include Lake Annecy in France, Lake Balaton in Hungary, Lake Lugano in Switzerland, and many other lakes throughout Europe.  

The regulatory environment is only getting stricter as the world rushes to meet the UN climate action goals. Electric boat motors ensure compliance with these regulations, eliminating fumes, as well as preventing any potential spills of fuel or oil. 

Evoy fact:
Evoy’s dealership in Hungary Hanse Hungaria – is near beautiful Lake Balaton, the largest lake in Central Europe which has banned boats with combustion engines. Hanse Hungaria has many clients seeking emission-free, high-output boats. As restrictions on European lakes tighten with a heightened focus on zero-emissions, boat dealers are gearing up for the rising demand in electric boats. Evoy looks forward to announcing more dealers in our growing global dealership network soon! 

Reason 9: Customized range assurance

When electric boating was a novelty instead of an inevitably, range was one of the biggest obstacles. Today, as electric boat and motor companies mature, there is a reliable use-case for most boat scenarios. The electric motor market has multiple dependable low-out put motor systems as well as game-changing examples such as Candela’s electric foiling boats.  

There are enough competitors in the electric space that consumers no longer need proof of concept. Customers can choose the electric motor system and boat that fits their range and power needs.   

Evoy fact:  
Evoy is the market-leader in the high-output electric motor system segment with motors 120-400 hp. Our configurator platform makes it simple and easy to design an electric boat motor system that fits your range needs. With our configurator, you can choose from our five electric motor systems and then adjust the batteries, charging options, and range extender selection to match your boat usage. You can ensure that you have more than enough range padding for a day out on the water before you need to charge.   

In broad strokes, Evoy’s electric boat motors have a long and extendable range of 25+ nm at 25 knots*. We also have boats with Evoy motor systems on the water doing +2 hours at 20 knots.  

*Based on 126kWh configuration, 80% DoD, 4.0 kWh/nm, exp. from Goldfish X9 

Reason 10: Easy and flexible charging

Standard charging for an electric boat is as simple as plugging in at your dock or marina when you’re done for the day and waking up to a fully charged boat. Supercharging an electric boat can give you an 80% boost in less than an hour. Either way, you won’t need to pay high marina fueling prices or lug fuel canisters. As we mentioned in our cost comparison, charging an electric boat is much cheaper than purchasing fuel.  

Evoy fact:
Evoy’s motor systems can AC charge with a 6kW, 22kW, or 44 kW charger from a standard marina shorepower cable.
AC power, or alternating current, is the type of power that’s delivered to your house from the grid and is what you use when you plug into standard outlets. Evoy’s systems can also be hooked up to a DC – direct current – supercharger for a 10-80% boost in just 45 minutes. Evoy is one of the only electric motor system companies that offers supercharging.  

Reason 11: Immersion in nature

Boating, like other forms of outdoor adventure, is associated with the release of neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine which result in mental states of well-being. With an electric boat adventure, you don’t need to wait to turn the engine off to experience closeness to nature. The inherently quiet, vibration-free electric motor system enables boaters to be immersed in nature whether they’re in movement or sitting still.   

Evoy fact:
Evoy’s headquarters are
perched at the edge of an archipelago in Norway’s westernmost town: Florø. Florø is situated north of the 61st parallel, i.e. further north than the southern tip of Greenland or the southern shores of Alaska.  Founded in 1860, our tiny city has 11,000 inhabitants and the economy is linked to fish farming and maritime work. As you can surmise from our location, there’s nothing we love more than getting out on the fjord and into the beautiful, wild, island-peppered seascape.  

If you’re ready to make the shift to electric boating, or if you have questions about choosing an electric motor system for your boating needs, just get in touch!

Electric Boating and Charging with Evoy Boat motors


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