Bremnes Seashore CHOOSES EVOY

The Aquafarmer Bremnes Seashore, one of Norway’s leading suppliers of farmed salmon, chooses EVOY powerful Inboard system for its new boat! 

Bremnes Seashore has chosen Evoy’s Hurricane inboard 400hp system for its first all-electric workboat from Helgeland Plast named “Elisabeth”. The successful handover of the boat including the system from Evoy was made in Mo I Rana – Norway on July 13th 2021.

A customer ahead of its time

The 2 representatives of Bremnes Seashore arrived on site, despite the windy local weather,  for the test drives. Ernst Olav Helgesen, the technical manager thinks “the boat went very well in the water. – What we put on the sea today is a unique product. Electrified workboats of this size are not very common, with the effect this boat gives.” The boatbuilder Helgeland Plast, represented on that day by Freddy Bakken Braseth states that he has received many inquiries of this type, both domestically and abroad. – “This is our very first all-electric boat out of a total of 23 boats. We already have a hybrid workboat and feed raft. This boat will go straight into operation next week”, says Anders Grønås, who is responsible for Technical Mechanical Manager for Bremnes Seashore.



The workboat is named “Elisabeth“, the name of the oldest grandson of the founder of Bremnes Seashore, Olav Svendsen. “Elisabeth” will be on daily rounds between the company’s facilities on the first all-electric plant approved in the country, Loddetå in Sveio, in the far south of Western Norway!


Both Helgesen and Grønås are very keen towards electrification of their fish farming activities and fleet. 

Aquafarming, a sustainable commercial activity

It’s the 2nd electric boat that we are delivering to an aquafarming business. At Evoy, we truly believe that aquaculture is essential to global food security and, electric boating can contribute to making this commercial activity sustainable and cost-efficient. Our electric systems enables zero emissions and low noise in addition to significant reduction in maintenance cost thanks to our OTA software update and predictive maintenance capacities. We are very proud to be part of the switch to more sustainable boating in commercial activities. And we are honored of the trust from our customer Bremnes Seashore and our partner boat builder Helgeland Plast.

Leif A. Stavøstrand Co-founder & CEO of Evoy.

About the Boat

  • Polar circle 860 IEDC.
  • Length: 8.60m Width: 2.7m Max load: approx. 700 kg Weight approx. 4,500 kg
  • Equipped with Evoy: 
  • Inboard Hurricane 400hp system, a 10 “screen with navigation and Q-Panel, cooling system, software, and 44KW onboard charger.
  • Battery pack of 120 kWh. 

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