Co-founder gunnar is stepping down

Did you know the idea for Evoy came already in 2005?

Photo of Leif and Gunnar Evoy founders

It was one of Gunnar and Leif Stavøstrand’s whiskey – workshop – brainstorming nights where they had an idea for a high output electric boat. The father and son duo discovered that the motor and propulsion system was not available in the market. In 2018 they decided to do it themself, since nobody else was doing it – and the tech and market were mature enough. Together they founded Evoy!

Gunnar has now passed 70 years and has found out he wants to step down from his roles in the company and board . Very well deserved! He will still act as a Senior Super Advisor and we look forward to having him around for more whiskey – workshops in the future, but now at his own pace! 

Thank you Gunnar, we could not have done this without you!

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