In the month of September we took our team and electric boats to the French coast. Europe is an important market for us, and will continue to be so in the coming years. The electric boating market is warming up and the trip to the Mediterranean Sea proved just that.

Cannes Yachting Festival & Partnerships

Cannes Yacthing Festival started in 1977 and is today Europe’s leading in-water boat show. With over 650 boats on display and over 50,000 visitors each year we were very excited to see the response for our electric boat motor solutions.  

We brought the Goldfish X9 installed with our Hurricane 400+ hp inboard and joint exhibition with Axopar.  

During the Festival we announced our partnership with Axopar and the launch of the electric Axopar 25 boat installed with our Evoy Storm 300+ hp outboard prototype. It caught a lot of attention, especially during Axopar’s PR event with lots of journalists and visitors showing interest in the future of electric boating. There were line ups to sea trial the Axopar 25 and our powerful Storm 300+ hp outboard. Diverse international clients from boat builders, private users, yacht tenders to name a few had their eyes opened as they got to see and trial this sweet electric ride. The prototype concept proved for many that electric boating is here today! 

Axopar PR event with partner Evoy Cannes Yachting Festival
Electric Axopar 25 Boat Powered by Evoy
Cannes Yachting Festival
Cannes Yachting Festival

During the Evoy PR event we also launched our official partnership with Goldfish Boats who are selling their X10- model with option to choose our drivetrain, the Hurricane 400+ hp inboard system. Goldfish Boat is a well known brand for boating enthusiasts all over the world and has won several awards. Our current demo boat, Goldfish X9 has proven a perfect fit with our electric motor systems and performs very good with a top speed of around 60+ knots, and a range of around 25nm with 30 knots cruising speed. With our DC- charging system you can charge from 20-80% in about 30-40 min with 150 kWh. 

The last partnership and boat launched during the Festival was with the French Boat Builder Iguana Yachts. They are building the 33 ft Iguana Foiler, the first electric amphibious foiling boat. It will be installed with our Storm 300+ hp outboard fitted on a T-foil and it is estimated with a top speed of 30 knots with 43 nm (80+ km) range with 22 knots cruising speed. The Iguana Foiler will be available on the market in 2023.  

Evoy CEO announcing partnership with Iguana Yacths
Iguana Yachts Foiler electric boat powered by Evoy

Saint Tropez SailGP

After the Cannes Yachting Festival the Evoy team sailed the electric Goldfish X9 to the SailGP Grand Prix event in Saint Tropez to act as a PR & Media support boat. Two years ago we announced an exciting partnership with SailGP to support their mission to be the world’s most sustainable and purpose-driven global sports and entertainment platform. Evoy is proud to be part of their mission with electric support boats powered by Evoy. SailGP is a worldwide Grand Prix series with 50 foot foiling catamarans racing with speeds of 50+ knots with a broadcast audience of 39.2 million viewers in season 2 (2022).  

SailGP Grand Prix with Evoy boat as support boat
SailGP Grand Prix with Evoy boat as support boat

Saint Tropez AQUA SuperPower

Following the SailGP event we were preparing both the Goldfish X9 and the Axopar 25 electric boats for the E-Marine event. An amazing event held by our partner AQUA SuperPower with industry players coming from all around the world. AQUA SuperPower is a Global Marine Charging Network partnering with waterside destinations to support electric boat owners worldwide.

The two electric boats got a lot of attention like in Cannes, and enthusiastic people showing up for sea trials. Our Sales Managers Thomas and Abozar participated in a panel debate and met with the mayor of the city to discuss boating sustainability and look at options on how to speed up the electric boating market to reduce emissions at sea.  

All in all our trip to France was a great success which has gained a lot of interest towards Evoy and our partners, and more and more stakeholders are ready to go electric. Being part of events like these strengthens the whole sustainable boating community to make it work together towards a green future! 

Axopar 25 electric boat powered by Evoy Saint Tropez
Goldifish X9 electric boat powered by Evoy
AQUA SuperPower E-Marine boat event in Saint Tropez


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