We are proud to announce that 5 x Electric Boats Powered by Evoy are nominated for the 2022 Gussies Electric Boat Awards, presented by Plugboats to take the price as the World’s Best Electric Boat.

Photo credit: Kjell Stian Brunes / Brunes Foto

Plugboats is a journale of electric boats hosted by enthusiast and editor Jeff Butler.  

He started Plugboats as he is absolutely positive that the best way forward and the future for all modes of transportation is with electricity as the power source. 

He has now started a yearly competition called the Guisses, Electric Boat Awards with a Judging Panel of 19 experts from electric boating associations.

Below are the boats nominated in the different categories for the awards as the World’s Best Electric Boat 2022. 

We would love your support by voting to see them win!

Category: Commercial Passenger Electric Boats – In Operation 

The Hukkelberg FLYING FISH 37 ELECTRIC is a fully powered 12 PAX passenger vessel. It is a special version of the already established Flying Fish series of heavy-duty boats, modified and adapted for electric propulsion from Evoy. The boats feature optimized aluminum hull design and light weight construction especially developed to maximize performance and range with fully electric drivelines. The design gives the boat an economical planning speed and a good battery range. The boat can be delivered with twin Evoy Hurricane 400+ hp inboard motor systems and up to 12 batteries for long range. 

Hukkelberg Flying Fish Electric Boat Powered by Evoy

Photo credit: Kjell Stian Brunes / Brunes Foto

Goldfish X9 Electric boat Powered by Evoy

Category: Electric Boats Over 8m / 26ft – In Production

The Norwegian boat building company Goldfish gives performance and design top priority. They are known for their fast and exclusive boats on the international boat scene. Goldfish has teamed up with Evoy and offers 100% electric propulsion with Evoy Hurricane 400 hp+ inboard motor and speed up to 60+ knots. The Goldfish X9 “Evoy Explorer” acted as a media boat during  SailGP’s  Grand Prix race in St. Tropez in September 2022. Goldfish aims to deliver a zero-emission alternative to exclusive high-speed boats.

Category: Electric Boat Workboats

The Tideman RBB 700 EOB is a fully recyclable high-speed HDPE workboat. It is powered by the Evoy Breeze 120+ hp outboard motor system and can reach a top speed of 35 knots. The Tideman Boats need minimal maintenance, are indestructible, unsinkable and do not need antifouling. The RBB 700 boats are very sustainable as they are 100% recyclable and have zero emission electric propulsion.

Tideman RBB 700 OB Electric Boat Powered by Evoy
Iguana Foiler Electric boat Powered by Evoy

Category: Electric Boats Over 8m / 26ft – In Development

In September 2022 Iguana Yachts unveiled the world’s first amphibious electric boat, the Iguana Foiler. Caterpillar tracks makes beaching and cleaning and maintenance easier. When in water, the caterpillar tracks are drawn inside the hull. The foils give the hull a very energy-efficient energy performance and is expected to reduce energy consumption by 50%. Equipped with an Evoy Storm 300+ hp outboard the 8 pax boat will have a range up to 50 miles (+ 80 km) at a cruising speed of 22 knots. Top speed is 30 knots. The electric Foiler will be on the water during spring 2023.

Category: Naval Dynamics – Electric Boats Under 8m / 26ft – In Development

GOT Marine has recently designed a 7,9 meter aluminum workboat, the NDAS FPV equipped with Evoy Breeze 120+ hp twin outboards and a comfortable cabin. The double driveline gives the boat full redundancy and safest possible operation mode. Hull design is made to optimize performance and range. The boat will be delivered for port operations, making the port owner able to operate with less emissions and in a more sustainable way.

GOT Marine NDAS FPV Electric Boat Powered by Evoy


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