Will Elon Musk break the world record in Norway?

Once in a lifetime one has the opportunity to break a world record. Now, it’s our turn at Evoy. But there’s a twist, we have asked the man behind SpaceX and Tesla to defy Norwegian Seas: Elon Musk himself. Together with ONS at the end of August, 2022 we will be breaking the world record for the fastest electric boat! Are you #readyorknot?

Evoy vikings going for the electric boat world record

Will set the electrical world record at sea

This is the invite from Evoy to Elon Musk next week at ONS, Stavanger Aug 29-Sept 1. The record attempt will happen locally in Stavanger, with details to come. 

With the world’s leading technology for fast electric boat motors, we are ready to set the world record at sea for serial produced boats. We set the previous unofficial record in August 2019 with a Polarcirkel with a speed of 55 knots – over 100 km/h. 

«We have developed the world’s most powerful motor systems for electric boats. Our electric boat motors will change the entire industry and accelerate the electrification of water “, says Leif A. Stavøstrand, Co-founder & CEO of Evoy.

He continues: “Elon Musk the man behind SpaceX and Tesla is coming to ONS in Stavanger next week and then we challenge him to take part in the speed test» 

The official world record for a serial produced electric boat on water is currently 51.3 knots. Now we are aiming to beat that with good margin with our Evoy Explorer. 

Will Elon Musk join the Norwegian Evoy Vikings and break the record at sea? Check out the invitation video below.

The Evoy Explorer

electric Goldfish X9 powered by evoy

Facts about the boat and technology:


Boat Name: Evoy Explorer

Boat Maker: Goldfish

Boat Model: X9


Top Speed 60+ knots

Evoy Hurricane 400+ Hp Inboard

126 kWh Batteries


≈ 120 kW DC Charging ≈ 1 hr

≈ 20 kW AC Charging ≈ 5 hr


≈ 25+ nm range in 40 knots

≈ 12+ hours range in 5 knots


Bravo 3XR Stern Drive

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