New Design – Storm 300+ hp electric outboard

The Evoy Storm is the world’s first 300hp electric outboard motor and by far the strongest electric outboard in the world! Powered by two 63kWh batteries, the 800 volt system with impressive torque easily passes 50 knots in most suitable boats.

Evoy Storm 300 hp electric outboard motor

Collaboration with Eker Design

We are thrilled to finally show our new cowling design for the Evoy Storm 300+hp outboard, developed in collaboration with Eker Design. The emphasis was placed on creating a clean, versatile design that would complement the boats of our partners, such as Axopar and Nimbus. Drawing inspiration from the Breeze 120+ hp outboard, the design team at Eker Design has in collaborated with us created a cowling that is both simple and elegant, allowing the focus to remain on the overall design of the vessel, while still clearly communicating the Evoy brand. We are excited to share this new design with our valued customers, visitors and media at the official launch at the boot Düsseldorf show.

The Storm outboard is available for order with delivery towards the second half of 2023.

Evoy Storm 300 hp electric outboard motor
Evoy Storm 300 hp electric outboard motor

“Evoy’s vision is irresistible boating. With electric propulsion there are a few features that comes automatically like no fumes, sound or maintenance and strong acceleration; however, we will do more. This is already obvious for our Evoy owners with access to second to none user interfaces in screens, throttle, App, and handling. But it does not stop there. Evoy will also strive to have the coolest design out there combined with great serviceability and wow factor. The design is simple, yet elegant and timeless. It fits as well on a workboat in the harsh conditions along the all-encompassing Norwegian coast as along the graceful Côte d'Azur or on the great North American lakes. Welcome to the Evoy experience.”

“This was an all-electric exciting design task for a Norwegian company that works purposefully for sustainability and the green shift!” says Victor Rosenvinge, COO / Senior Program Manager.

He shares his experience with us from the project with our team:

“We wanted to design an expression that would help preserve the Evoy identity, and at the same time give the product a design that expresses power, muscle and speed. The Storm 300+ is a very powerful engine and it was important to us that the design should be both unique, but also reflect the power, with an aggressive forward-looking expression and with forward facing split lines between the various covers. 

We always work to achieve “form follows function”. We developed the split lines for the covers not only to give the product a unique design, but also to give the user easy access to the service points inside the engine compartment without having to dismantle the largest covers behind the engine. 

The graphic design elements with the Evoy logo, the stripe and the 300+ decal discreetly underline a modern take on speed and power. A monotone color combination has been chosen to not draw too much attention from the product and boat design. 

The collaboration with Evoy started in mid-October 2022. The project goal, and the requirement from Evoy, was to be ready to show the product as a physical prototype with a working engine, at the boat fair in Dusseldorf on January 20, approximately 3 months after project start.

The work started with 3D scanning the geometry of the motor stem and then in our CAD tool modeling the assembly of the internal components of the electric motor, and thus starting the design project on the external covers.

The design project started with sketches and concept design in 3D. Through frequent meetings in a good process with Evoy’s technical team, we achieved design close in a short time and could start the engineering work and detailing of the individual parts. We had an intention to build the covers in fibreglass, but it became clear to us early on that 3D printing in SLS was the only option due to the time we had at our disposal. The large covers were 3D printed, assembled and mounted. Everything had a perfect fit, -nice!

The next task with finishing and painting to create a high-quality surface could be started. The graphic design was developed, and finally we were able to decorate this beautiful product with adhesive foil to bring out the visual expression we were aiming for.

The covers were finally packed up and sent by car to the fair in Germany two days before the fair started! Yes, we met the requirements of the customer and ourselves this time too!

In short, this was a great project that was solved with good cooperation, competence, commitment and passion! The Eker Way! 

We look forward to further cooperation, and we wish Evoy and the whole team the best of luck at the fair, and hope the launch will be a success!”


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