Performance e801 Powered by Evoy

We are happy to introduce the PERFORMANCE e801 to a rapidly growing list of electric boats Powered by Evoy. It was premiered in Austria March 3.

Performance e801 electric boat Powered by Evoy

Image: Performance Marine

Electric Daycruiser

The PERFORMANCE and EVOY partnership began in 2021, and engineers from the two companies have collaborated successfully together, to bring about a clean looking and orderly installation for this attractive, 7.9m, sports-orientated daycruiser. The electric boat was revealed at the Austrian Boat Show – BOOT Tulln March 3.

In this case, the first edition PERFORMANCE e801 has EVOY’s Hurricane 300+kWh ‘plug & play’ liquid-cooled electric inboard motor, with an equivalent 400+hp usable output.

Top speed of 50+ knots

Coupled with twin 63.1 kWh / 173.2 Ah Li-Ion batteries and linked to a Mercury Bravo One XR final drive, this revolutionary installation, will enable the e801 to achieve in-excess of 50knots+ max speed in short bursts, with 21nm range achievable at an ‘average’ cruising speed of 25knots.

IP67 water-proofed batteries have been tested and approved according to DNV safety regulations and have capability for up to 3000 charging-cycles with minimal drop-off over time. EVOY’s driver information 10” / 16” display offers everything from speed, rpm, range, water temperature, charge capacity and much more besides.

“PERFORMANCE first started building boats as far back as 1985, and the e801 fitted with our 400hp inboard electric motor, follows a long line of beautifully made craft from this prestigious, custom-boat manufacturer. We are absolutely thrilled to be part of the future of this iconic and noteworthy brand.”

Performance e801 electric boat Powered by Evoy

“Tightening regulation is making it increasingly difficult, (and completely impossible in many cases), for owners of anything other than electric boats or sailing boats, to apply for a new licence to go boating on environmentally protected waters.

The emission-free e801, with EVOY propulsion, will enable PERFORMANCE to increase sales, not just in foreign coastal locations, but in our homeland countries, such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy where lake boating is extremely popular.”

Performance e801 electric boat Powered by Evoy
Performance e801 electric boat Powered by Evoy
Performance e801 electric boat Powered by Evoy
Performance e801 electric boat Powered by Evoy

Reviewed by TÜV Süd and priced at €419,000 ex VAT, the e801 is a 50+knot high-speed day-cruiser of 2,800kg weight, with 2-day berths and 1.5m cabin height. The boat is 7.9m long, 2.5m wide and 0.7m draft.

The e801 offers everything needed to have an unforgettable day on the water. The sleek appearance offers generous interior space for driver and guests and is a guarantee for easy and safe handling.

The PERFORMANCE brand is owned by PERFORMANCE Marine Yachting GmbH + Co. KG, Achberg, Germany, and the boats are made in the factory in Italy.

About Evoy

The shift to electric boating is happening now, powered by EVOY.

EVOY design, develop, and deliver powerful 100% electric motor systems (outboard and inboard), for fast and powerful boats between 20 and 50 ft, bringing the superiority of electric leisure and commercial boating into new markets with ground-breaking technology.

Recent agreements to supply electric engine technology to some of the world’s most recognised brands such as Axopar Boats, Hydrolift, Goldfish and SAY Carbon Yachts, for example, is testament to the success and future prospects for EVOY.

With a mission to reduce boating emissions without compromising on power and ease of use, EVOY is creating the Irresistible Boating experience. Made in Norway.


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