Navia Electric Yachts Powered by Evoy

Navia Yachts has chosen Evoy outboard system for their exciting startup in Italy, who recently closed a £250,000 seed round for their high growth potential project.

Navia Electric Yachts Powered by Evoy Electric 120 hp outboard

Image: Navia Electric Yachts

Electric Boat Rentals

With Navia’s unique business model – producing and offering electric inflatable boats on loan, charging WALL BOX, management software, maintenance and 24/7 assistance – sustainable boating will be more available to boat rental companies that otherwise would struggle with high-cost investments. 

Navia says its rental model ‘enables businesses to immediately introduce electric boats into their company fleet, allowing customers to test the product and become familiar with alternative propulsion options.’, with €500 daily rental fee. 

Breeze 120 hp outboard

Their first electric Navia 44 boat with charging station will be based in Cala Galera marina, with future plans for expansion into Campania, Liguria, Sardinia, and then the rest of Italy.

The boats are being produced together with the Italian shipyard CNC powered by Evoy Breeze 120+ hp outboard, with sea trials planned to start in Q2 2023. 

"After researching various manufacturers, we had no trouble choosing Evoy as our supplier. We share a similar vision for the future and appreciate their company culture and approach to work. Our goal is to increase awareness of the benefits of electric boats and we are confident in our B2B2C business model. We predict a similar boom in the electric boat industry as seen with electric cars a few years ago and want to be prepared for it." -

Partnerships are important

We are excited to be working with Navia Yachts, and look forward to supporting their mission to provide a sustainable alternative to the tourist boat rental market. Our high-performance Evoy electric boat motors are the perfect complement to Navia Yachts’ inflatable boat design, and we are confident that this partnership amongst others will enable us to continue developing and deliver the best possible solution to customers who are looking for a sustainable and environmentally friendly ways to enjoy the water


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