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In the latest episode of #EvoyTechMonday, our CDO Kjetil Watnedal explains how the Evoy systems open the possibilities for connected boating!

Predictive Maintenance Capacities

With our electric motor systems, the possibilities are endless.

Evoy boats powered with, both inboard, and outboard, are connected to our secure cloud 24/7, collecting data from all the different sensors onboard such as the battery, the motor etc. The same can be unlocked for our customers upon request. Leveraging the power of processing large amounts of data collected via different sensors, our team can track the health of the system, the boat’s real-time positioning, and any major alerts or maintenance needs.

Our systems are truly connected IoT (Internet Of Things) devices, enabling over-the-air or OTA software updates, alerts, and remote maintenance capacities.

This is the true peace of mind for all fleet owners, avoiding downtime with boats ready to perform offering their team the best boating experience.

Learn more from Kjetil, CDO by watching the video below! 


Onboard an Evoy boat there are many different systems, such as battery,
a charger, throttle, and an electrical motor. As you learned in a previous Tech Monday, the E-brain controls all of these systems. What you did not know is that inside the E-brain, we also have what we call an IoT edge computing environment.
This environment is connected to the Evoy secure cloud, 24/7. When the boat is powered on, we collect data from all the different sensors onboard, such as from the battery, from the motor and cooling pumps, and so on. If the boat has connectivity, this data is immediately sent to the cloud.
Using edge computing, we can run workloads directly on the boat for low latency scenarios, or we can leverage the power of the cloud to process huge amounts of data. Having data logged to the cloud also makes it possible for the Evoy technical team to track the state of the system directly from the office. This also unlocks predictive maintenance capacities and alerting and if needed, we can log onto the boat and get logs and diagnostics data remotely.
With all the Evoy systems connected to the Internet, we can activate over-the-air software updates. As we do more development, all the boats will constantly get updated with the latest software.
Connected systems are also what makes it possible for us to show key metrics like the state of charge on the battery if the battery is charging and the position of the boat in the Evoy app.
As we gather more data from the Evoy systems we can start using machine learning to optimize how the system works together. For example, we can use machine learning to automatically set the trim of the boat so that the boat moves in the most efficient way through the water.
As we develop our app further, it will be possible for the user to get notifications if something is wrong with the boat.
At the same time, the Evoy technical team will get a notification and they could start working on resolving the issue.
This is just the beginning of the electrical boating development and here at Evoy we are excited to be part of that journey and make the boating experience even more irresistible.

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