First official sales & service dealer

Following a tidal wave of interest in electrification and sustainable boating at this year’s recent Marine Equipment Trade Show (METS), Evoy signed Benelux and Northern France dealer rights with The Green Wave, based in Goes, The Netherlands.   


Image: The Green Wave

Major international expansion

With the contract formally signed at METS, The Green Wave will handle sales, service, installation, and parts-supply for EVOY’s ‘plug and play’ range of inboard and outboard electric motors for leisure and commercial marine markets, within their appointed region. 

With every possible sign that electric engines are going to be in extremely high demand, selecting and deciding upon official EVOY dealers is a time-consuming and carefully considered process.

EVOY’s CCO, Marte Rostrup Hofset, says:  

“We are growing fast as a company and have received interest from several hundred dealerships and sales agents that would like to work with us, from around the world. But we want to ensure we get the right dealers in place, which takes time.

The ‘perfect’ dealer needs to be strategically well located, preferably within a marina environment they own, and with a charging infrastructure already in place, or soon to be installed.  

They need to have the same kind of long-term vision and future-orientated commitment to the environment that EVOY has, in bringing about a complete step-change in boating attitudes.  

EVOY are committed to on-site training of all their official dealer technicians, so a dealer must be able to demonstrate their resource and ability to retrofit EVOY engines to existing and brand-new hulls, and to maintain our products and look after our customer needs accordingly.”    

Benelux and Northern France is first up

With Benelux and Northern France now taken care of, EVOY are interested in talking to further potential marine dealers that foresee a ‘synergy’ based upon the criteria as mentioned above.   

Countries of particular interest are the UK, Italy, Germany, the south of France and the Nordic regions.  Further afield, EVOY are looking to establish sales & dealer representation in the USA, Canada and Australia.    

The Green Wave business model is centered entirely upon the electric and hybrid sail and motorboat market, with the company offering a full range of sustainable power alternatives, from the ultra-light weight TEMO 450, all the way through to EVOY’s 120hp, 200hp and 300hp outboard range and their mighty 400hp inboard motor (the world’s fastest!) and everything else ‘zero-emission’ in-between.      

Pleased with the new dealership agreement, Eric Caroen from The Green Wave said:  

“The synergy between the two companies could not be better; with EVOY as one of the first brands that can deliver a finished product in series production, which is incredibly important in a market where boat builders and shipyards must be able to count on a stable supplier that can keep its promises and stick to pre-agreed delivery dates. 

“For those who want to make a difference to the environment, we are now able to offer the smallest Carbon tender, with a light Temo engine, all the way through to retro-fitting an existing hull with an EVOY, or the sale of brand new Candella, Strana, ASTender or Saffier Yacht and everything ‘zero emission’ in-between.”  

The Greenwave Highfield electric boat powered by Evoy
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About The Green Wave

Operating from a strategic location in the Delta area, south of The Netherlands, The Green Wave have based their business model entirely on the supply, servicing and storage of electric and hybrid boats, electric engines and related equipment, with everything geared towards serving this future-orientated and important market.  

Customers can browse new models for sale in a purpose-built showroom, surrounded by its own marina, with 20 places for electric demo boats. Alternatively, customers can get to know The Green Wave at upcoming 2023 zero-emission shows in Rotterdam (March/April, still to be confirmed) and Ostend in Belgium (June).     

About Evoy

The shift to electric boating is happening now, powered by EVOY.  

EVOY design, develop, and deliver powerful 100% electric motor systems (outboard and inboard), for fast and powerful boats between 20 and 50 ft, bringing the superiority of electric leisure and commercial boating into new markets with ground-breaking technology.  

Recent agreements to supply electric engine technology to some of the world’s most recognised brands such as Axopar Boats, Hydrolift, Goldfish, SAY Carbon Yachts and Marian, for example, is testament to the success and future prospects for EVOY.  

With a mission to reduce boating emissions without compromising on power and ease of use, EVOY is creating the Irresistible Boating experience. Made in Norway. 



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