25 nautical miles in 25 electric knots

The all electric Axopar 25 boat designed in Finland, produced in Poland and Powered by Evoy in Norway drove 25 nautical miles in 25 knots from Cannes to Saint Tropez in France.

Image credit: Axopar

Cannes to Saint Tropez

Axopar and Evoy teamed up to create an electric boat for the leisure market with the prototype Evoy Storm 300+ hp electric outboard motor, the most powerful on the market today.  

Evoy co-exhibited the boat with Axopar at the Cannes Yachting Festival in September 2022, and it generated a lot of interest, making the audience eager to see the boat ready for the market during 2023. 

Check out the video below of Axopar founding partner Jan-Erik Viitala enjoying a quiet, emission-free ride on the French coast with the electric Axopar 25 boat powered by Evoy. 


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