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Since the start of our Evoy journey in 2018, we have been dedicated to creating strategies that will drive optimal future growth and solutions. Our focus has been on developing strategies that will help us to achieve our goals and ensure that we continue to thrive in the coming years This also accounts for the growth and increase in demand within our HR department and recruitment.  

Image: Framtidsfylket

Working togheter with Framtidsfylket's Trainee Program

We have actively been working along side academia, and we have been especially fortunate to take part in Framtidsfylkets Trainee Program which has secured us with valuable trainees both in 2021 and 2022. Our goal of hiring trainees is to provide them with work experience and training in a particular field. In addition to help the trainee to develop their skills and knowledge, it is beneficial to us as the trainee provides us with fresh ideas and new perspectives.

This year we welcomed Harald Bryn to Team Evoy as our newly appointed Cybernetics Automation Engineer Trainee. Harald has a double Bachelor within Electronics and Automation, and Robotics. Let’s get to know more about Harald who was born and raised in Voss, also better known as the true adventure capital of Norway. 

Harald Bryn Trainee Evoy
Harald Bryn Evoy Trainee

Q: Why did  you apply for the traineeship at Evoy?  

A: I wanted to experience how electronic systems work, and I wanted to know how working in a startup would be while wearing trainee crutches. I also want to work towards a sustainable future with electric motors.  

Q: What do you like the most about the traineeship? Anything you find extra challenging that you did not expect?  

A: What I like the most is the opportunity to work within different fields in the technical department.  

Q: What would you say to other students considering a traineeship?  

A: Being a trainee might not make you rich in terms of money, but a traineeship is valuable nevertheless because it allows you to explore the different fields within a company, and at the same time figure out where- and what you enjoy working with the most. 

Q: What is your relationship with the ocean and sustainability?  

A: We need to take care of our environment, and replacing fossil fuels with sustainable energy is crucial. Boats has a tendency to consume a lot of fuel, and the switch to electric motors can save our oceans for a lot of pollution. I am still young, and I want to see a future where taking a breath of fresh air is not considered a luxury. 

Q: What do you like to do outside work?  

A: In my free time I enjoy going to the gym, and socialize with my friends 

Q: What has been your experience living in Florø so far?  

A: Although Florø is a small city, being able to jump on a boat to Bergen is a plus. The community and the cozy atmosphere also makes up for the fact that being far away from friends and family is a challenge. I’m also getting to know new people and new places, and having good colleagues sure helps! 

Harald recently featured in an article from Framtidsfylket (in Norwegian, but Google can help with the translation) where we get an insight into one of their social events. Throughout the year the Trainee program includes several social events and one overseas trip with all the other trainees participating in the program. 

Evoy is now offering a trainee program for Cybernetics or Automation Engineering through Framtidsfylket for 2023/24 in Florø, Norway. Only for Norwegian speaking applicants. 

Magnus Zaza was hired as a Automation Engineer Trainee for the year 2021-2022, and is now employed as a Software Developer. Magnus enjoyed being a trainee, and has given us some feedback on his experience as a trainee with us at Evoy. 

“Being a Trainee was a good choice. I feel that I developed a lot that year, both personally and professionally. In addition, I got to know other tTrainees in the Vestland region, and I established new friendships and broadened my network of acquaintances. A unique transition from student life to working life.” 

Magnus Zaza Evoy Trainee Program with Framtidsfylket
Magnus Zaza Evoy Trainee Program with Framtidsfylket
Magnus Zaza Evoy Trainee Program with Framtidsfylket
Magnus Zaza Evoy Trainee Program with Framtidsfylket

Do you want to learn more about becoming an Evoy Trainee?
Feel free to contact Linda at our HR department and she will be happy to answer all your questions.

Linda Sinclair Aukland

HR Manager
+47 47 47 84 89


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