Evoy, the technology leader of electric boat motors, has conducted its first client E. Karstensen Boat handover on the 19th of March 2021 in Florø, close to its headquarters. Tuesday 30th of March 2021.

image of electric boat

The Fist milestone of many to come

Nils-Tore Karstensen has chosen the Evoy inboard system for his new boat from the boatbuilder Helgeland Plast AS owned by Akva Group. This electric boat will mainly be used to transport E. Karstensen’s fish farmers from their shore base to the fish farm locations. 

We proud ourselves to be an early adopter company as we truly appreciate trying new tech-nologies. Therefore, we have concluded a partnership through Leif A. Stavøstrand with Evoy and ordered an E-boat! We are the 2nd generation of fish farmers since our father started the company in 1970. Now our children - the 3d generation - has joined us too. He told us that he really appreciated driving “Elida”, our new E-boat equipped with Evoy technology. We are excited and proud to have the first E-boat as part of our fleet.”

The boat chosen is the Polarcircle 860 with a cabin fitted with EVOY Hurricane Force Series inboard system. With a 100% electric propulsion system with a 400 hp continuous rating, the boat has plenty of power to ensure smooth operations on site. Outfitted with 120kWh Power Pro batteries enabling the crew to operate efficiently and with almost no motor sound. 

When we started Evoy, we talked with E. Karstensen pretty early to find out how they were using their boats and what their challenges were. They were interested in having a solution that was making no noise which is beneficial in the aquafarming industry.

For a customer, like E. Karstensen, adopting new technology transforming into sustainable solutions is the first important milestone for the electric boating markets. Ensuring a benefi-cial ROI, thanks to saving in fossil energies and maintenance, allowing a better cost of own-ership than usual motors. 


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