Evoy’s adventure, Irresistible Boating - Rebranding

Evoy, the technology leader of Electrical Motors for the boating industry, based in Norway, celebrates its 3-years anniversary tomorrow. An opportunity for the brand to rethink its positioning.

Since the launch of the electric demo-boat the Evoy1, their first client handover, and the opening of its office in France, Evoy is reinventing itself and reinforce its passion for the sea (change).

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Irresistible Boating, a new vision supported by a new look and powerful motors.

Although Evoy’s brand is well known by its customers, partners, and investors, the team felt a change of wind with its technology capacities improving and the opening of new markets. Indeed, in the past 3 years, Evoy has grown, improved its technology, and successfully completed its first customer deliveries!


Our team is continuously working on improving our systems, making them the safest and strongest possible. Our goal is to be the technology leader for electric high-power boat systems, and we are working hard toward this. Our new brand illustrates perfectly our set course towards irresistible boating, cutting large amounts of Green House Gasses underway”.

From the technology provider to a smart boating innovator, Evoy had to set sail and reinvent itself for a more futuristic look of its logo, outboard, and inboard product design, marketing materials, and services.

Evoy’s values are pioneering, powerful, responsive, and genuine. With strong partnerships extended through Europe as the next step, the electric revolution is on its way!



A new outboard design, sleek and powerful!

Evoy was previously using a legacy outboard design from a partner no longer on the market. This has triggered many of Evoy’s customer’s imagination toward the new outboard design to be announced. Now, the moment is here, and Evoy is proud to release its outboard with a completely new design encompassing its strong electrical motor systems and brand image. 


It illustrates perfectly the technology capacities with 150 hp and coming 300 and 450 hp systems. Evoy technology are what truly differentiate the brand from its competition.


Outboard all together

Our team has put a lot of effort working on this outboard design illustrating the fast-charging capacities with the yellow LEDs on the side, also the clean lines graphically define the power and speed potential of the motor.

Sailing to Europe

Evoy aims for the fastest, long-lasting, most sustainable motors that help reduce CO2 and noise pollution at sea. Evoy is now ready to sail to Europe and extend its commercialization. Europe offers a large market potential for Evoy, with Over 6 million boats in European waters while 10,000 marinas provide over 1 million berths both inland and in coastal areas and many incentives supporting what we today call the blue economy*


The shift Speed@2x


As a next step, Evoy will seek to target a few select countries such as France, Italy, and Great Britain as a start. However, the plans are already taking shape for an international adventure! 

There is a pipeline of deliveries scheduled through the winter and into the summer of 2021. Coming Autumn this will extend to include deliveries from Norway as well as new markets abroad. A first step on the way to making the sea a better place to be and an extraordinary experience for both commercial and leisure users. 

Multiple markets segment could benefit from the green wave!  

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