Sustainable Tourism with Bonseye

Big things are happening with sustainable tourism and electric boats on waters ranging from lakes to fjords.

Electric HyFoil RIB boat Powered by Evoy Breeze 120+hp outboard

Green tourism on Europe's deepest lake

This month of October, Evoy and partner Bonseye came together to christen an innovative electric HyFoil RIB, as it set sail on its maiden voyage on Hornindalsvatnet – Europe’s deepest lake. 

The Bonseye family business in Hellesylt, Norway knows visitors prefer electric boat tours to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature without harming it. With the electric boats Grøn Kraft and Grøn Vilje, the company plans to be at the forefront of environmentally friendly tourism.   

At Evoy, accelerating the transition to emission-free boating is top priority, and we are here to facilitate the shift. There’s a clear upward trend in proposed regulations banning boating emissions both on lakes as well as on heavily touristed natural wonders such as the UNESCO World Heritage Geirangerfjord, where Bonseye operates.   

‘Most people want electric tours, so if they can have electric tours, they will choose electric tours,’ said Bonseye owner Frank Ole Bonsaksen. ‘There isn’t any noise like there is from a petrol engine. There is no smell. They can listen to the birds. They love it.’  

Norwegian Bonseye Touris Operator Frank Ole Bonasaksen

Image: Frank Ole Bonsaksen, Bonseye co-owner

Electric HyFoil RIB Powered by Evoy

This HyFoil RIB by Green Fjords AS is powered by an Evoy Breeze Outboard 120+ hp electric motor system and has a carbon fiber catamaran hull. Due to its strong yet lightweight construction, the hull only weighs 300 kg making it ideal as an electric tourist boat for passengers. It features an integrated foil system for additional lift at planing speed, reducing the wake and drag on the boat and increasing energy efficiency for even more positive climate impact. The HyFoil RIB powered by Evoy reaches a top speed of 35 knots and a range of approximately 18 nm at 20 knots with a 12-person load with only one 63 kWh battery!

Video: Bonseye use HyFoil RIBs with integrated foil systems to increase range with Evoy electric 120+ hp outboard

There are few things better than immersing yourself in nature while leaving it undisturbed, except perhaps the thrill you feel when electric boats almost instantaneously reach planing speed.   

‘Of course, electric boat tours also have an economical side,’ said Bonsaksen. ‘We take in the investment by saving on fuel costs. Electric boats are super cheap on energy use.’  

Hurtigruten and Evoy 

Our collaboration with Bonseye is another milestone in Evoy’s deepening role within sustainable tourism. In 2022, we announced a collaboration with leading Norwegian adventure travel operator Hurtigruten Expeditions, to electrify the first ship-to-shore and wildlife-spotting tender boats. The tenders, custom-built for Hurtigruten, are the first with sufficient range to deliver excursions in some of the most remote places in the world – from expedition ships in Arctic and Antarctic waters to all regions in-between the poles. The boats can carry up to 20 guests, enabling travelers to experience special destinations in an intimate and sustainable way. 

Hurtigruten electric tender Powered by Evoy

Image: Hurtigruten will offer emission free tourist excursions with their electric OXpro IXP7.0 Powered by Evoy Breeze 120+ hp outboard


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