Smooth Sailing: Electric Propulsion for Tourism 

Exploring how Evoy´s electric propulsion for boats helps tour operators become more sustainable, while reducing operating costs, and enhancing customers’ experience.

Ice Lagoon Tourism Powered by Evoy

Image: Ice Lagoon offer tourists emission free tours in beautiful ice capped scenery in Iceland.

Imagine sailing silently from your harbor with an electric boat full of eager passengers ready to explore. You accelerate to cruising speed. The absence of exhaust fumes and motor noise makes it easy for the passengers to immerse themselves in the breathtaking natural scenery. In the quiet, the group can interact with one another as well as the boat operator, enjoying the rhythmic sound of water splashing against the hull. 

As regulations banning carbon emissions on waterways increase, and more and more people choose sustainable tourism, electric boating becomes the only viable answer. At Evoy, accelerating the transition to emission-free boating is top priority, and we are here to facilitate the shift.

How Electric Propulsion Cuts Emissions, Reduces Costs, and Increases Comfort 

Investing in an emission-free electric boat motor system has a positive impact on the environment that tourists come to experience. It delivers positive long-term economic impact for owners and operators. It enhances the tourism experience with quiet and comfort. Sustainable tourism benefits all the stakeholders.  

Evoy helps boat businesses stay at the forefront of sustainable tourism.  We have worked with many tourism businesses to electrify their fleet, including the Bonseye family fjord tour business in Hellesylt, Norway. Bonseye operates two electric hyfoil RIBs  Grøn Kraft and Grøn Vilje  powered by Evoy’s Outboard Breeze 120+ hp electric motor system. The boats can reach a top speed of 35 knots and a range of approximately 18 nm at 20 knots with a 12-person load.   

‘Most people want electric tours, so if they can have electric tours, they will choose electric tours,’ said Bonseye owner Frank Ole Bonsaksen. ‘There isn’t any noise like from a petrol engine. There is no smell. They can listen to the birds. They love it.’  

Adopting Evoy’s electric boat motor systems also delivers economic advantages.  

‘Of course, electric boat tours also have an economical side,’ said Bonsaksen. ‘We take in the investment by saving on fuel costs. Electric boats are super cheap on energy use.’   

Take a voyage with us and discover why choosing Evoy’s electric propulsion systems can be a game-changer for your tourism boat business. 

Electric HyFoil RIB boat Powered by Evoy Breeze 120+hp outboard

Image: Bonseye guided RIB-tours can now offer two electric boats Powered by Evoy.

Sustainability Benefits 

Boat tours bring people closer to nature. Much of tourism, especially in Norway, is dedicated to being able to experience the wilderness. We all know that to continue to enjoy nature, we need to take care of it.   

  • Reduced Emissions: By using Evoy’s electric motors, you contribute to cleaner air, quieter waters, and a healthier environment for both marine life and your passengers. This eco-friendly approach aligns with the growing demand for sustainable tourism experiences and can attract environmentally conscious travelers. It’s also the future, as more and more regulations are enacted to cut emissions on waterways.
  • Carbon Footprint Reduction: With Evoy’s electric propulsion, you dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of your tourist boat operations. Opting for an electric boat motor helps to combat climate change and shows commitment to sustainable practices. It also gives your customers the possibility to reduce their carbon footprint.

  • No Noise Pollution: Combustion engines are loud and cause noise pollution that disrupts marine environments. In stark contrast, electric motors are silent and do not disturb wildlife. Other people using the waterway or living in proximity to the water will appreciate the reduced noise levels.
Illustration of a Bonseye electric RIB trip in Geiranger Fjord Norway

Figure 1: Using a case study of a boat owner transporting tourists through the Norwegian fjords.

Economic Advantages of Electric Propulsion 

Sustainability and profitability are not mutually exclusive. In fact, sustainable tourism is potentially more profitable than traditional tourism. Switching to an electric boat motor helps reduce costs over the long term and has a high ROI. It can even supply extra income.  

  • Fuel Cost Savings: Evoy’s electric boat motors eliminate the need for fossil fuels, resulting in substantial savings in fuel costs over time. Electricity is up to seven times cheaper in Norway than diesel or gasoline. Electric boating significantly reduces your operating expenses and enhances profitability.

  • Maintenance and Operational Efficiency: While combustion engines have around 2,000 parts, electric propulsion systems have only a few moving parts, resulting in lower maintenance needs and lower maintenance costs. The absence of engine oil, filters, and complex fuel systems simplifies operations, saving both time and resources.

  • Incentives and Grants: Governments and environmental agencies worldwide are actively promoting the transition to electric propulsion. By choosing Evoy’s electric boat motors for your sustainable tourism business, you may qualify for various incentives, grants, or tax benefits further offsetting upfront costs and bolstering your bottom line. 
Illustration of Yearly Operating Cost example for an electric boat

Figure 2: Yearly Operating costs based on 500 yearly operating hours (averaging 1.3 hours per day), and local pricing for electricity and fuel.

Calculating ROI for Your Specific Electric Boat Motor  

  • Evoy understands that each tourist boat business is unique, and we offer personalized help in calculating the Return on Investment (ROI) for specific cases. By considering your specific operational profile alongside local prices for petrol and electricity, Evoy can give a detailed analysis of the financial benefits of an electric propulsion system for your business.

  • When evaluating the ROI, Evoy considers factors such as fuel cost savings, reduced maintenance and operational costs, available incentives and grants, taxes on emissions, and the specific operating hours of your tourist boat. Our expertise ensures that you receive an accurate assessment of the economic advantages of adopting Evoy’s electric propulsion systems. 
Return of investment of an Evoy electric motor system

Figure 3: Return on investment of electric propulsion compared to ICE motor based on 500 yearly operating hours (averaging 1.3 hours per day), and local pricing for electricity and fuel.

Comfort and Enhanced Experience  

Happy customers are key to any kind of tourism, and sustainable tourism is no different. Improving the sensory experience will help attract more visitors.  

  • Smooth and Vibration-Free Operation: While fuel-powered engines can make a boat ride bumpy, electric boat motors offer a smooth and vibration-free ride, resulting in enhanced passenger comfort. By eliminating the vibrations, noise, and fumes associated with conventional propulsion systems, guests can truly immerse themselves in the breathtaking scenery and attractions without any distractions.
  • Instant Torque and Maneuverability: Evoy’s electric propulsion systems deliver instant torque, offering swift acceleration and responsive maneuverability. This agility allows your boat to navigate crowded areas, dock efficiently, and create a seamless experience for your guests.

  • Quiet Boating: Electric inboard boat motors and electric outboard boat motors are relatively silent when compared to combustion engines. Quiet boating creates a serene, relaxing, and comfortable atmosphere for your passengers to enjoy. It enables more interaction between crew and customers that can enhance the tour.  
Bonseye electric tourist RIB Powered by Evoy

Image: Tourists prefer to go on electric boat tours because they can hear the sound of nature and be able to talk instead of shouting to be able to hear each other.

Why choose Evoy to electrify your boat?

Choosing Evoy’s electric boat motors for your tourist boat not only aligns with the global shift towards sustainability but also offers significant economic advantages and enhanced passenger comfort. At Evoy, we combine decades of boating experience with a passion for ensuring that future generations can have as much fun on the water as we do. We are passionate about revolutionizing the marine industry with our innovative, high-performance electric propulsion solutions.  

You benefit from our expertise, comprehensive customer service, and a community of like-minded boat operators committed to sustainability. To see the variety of boats already powered by Evoy, you can visit the gallery here.   

If you can’t find the boat that fits your needs, just get in touch. We can discuss how to customize a boat and an electric motor system solution for you, together. 

Ice Lagoon Tourism Powered by Evoy

Image: Electric Evoy Breeze 120hp outboard motor system


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