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For many professional users converting to electric is a “No-Brainer” as electric propulsion enhances all of the positive parts of being on the water, and for the commercial user with many hours pr. year, electric usually save them enormous amounts in a lifetime perspective.

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With the growing consciousness of the impact traditional boat engines have on the environment, we talk to a growing population sure of one thing; they want their next boat to be 100% electric while retaining the required power to operate to their desire. 

Our high output systems can be incorporated into a wide variety of boat models. We are currently working with a dozen+ boatbuilders across different segments to make the process for you, our customers, more informative and easier by having the ability to evaluate your options. In the weeks ahead we will share some of these configurations through our various channels, and you’ll have a deeper insight going into the product configurator to design your system.

On November 18th we had great news about the incentive schemes supported by ENOVA in Norway. The scheme “Batteri i fartøy” is made available for vessels within the fishery, aquaculture, and offshore, both for new builds as well as retrofits. The new scheme will be available for a limited time and expected to gradually degrade. With an application processing time estimated as little as 15 minutes and a same-day response, it is extremely efficient. It will be available alongside the already existing scheme “Elektrifisering av sjøtransport”. Both incentive schemes are limited to commercial operators only.

We are ready to support you with your setup as well as your incentive scheme applications – reach out!

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