The Crown Prince of Norway wanted to drive our electric boat!

The Crown Prince came to Evoy’s hometown Florø in September as part of his coastal journey with the Royal Ship. He had amongst others a wish for the visit, to drive our electric boat. Of course, we could help.

Image of the Crown Prince driving Evoy1 electric boat
Foto: Jostein Vedvik

Royal visit at Evoy

CEO, Leif A. Stavøstrand invited the Crown Prince to our workshop where his Royal Highness got to see and learn about our electric motor systems and the technical aspects. He was very interested as a seaman himself and asked many questions. Maybe the Royal Ship would electrify their tenders for the future?

From the workshop The Crown Prince was escorted by police and guards to our electric prototype, a Polarcirkel RIB built by AkvaGroup in Norway. It was the first time His Royal Highness drove an electric boat, and it seems that he really enjoyed the experience of electric power with reduced sound and no fumes.

Kronprinsen kjorer Evoy
Foto: Evoy
Image of Crown Prince and Princess of Norway in boats
Foto: Jostein Vedvik

The Crown Princess came to say hi

On the journey around the Florø Islands, the Crown Princess came to say hi in the Royal Ships own Goldfish Sport Rib, as she had been on another excursion. She loved seeing the Crown Princess enjoy himself and said she only sees him this happy when at sea.

We were humbled and excited to have the Crown prince of Norway Haakon Magnus – that have personally huge love for the ocean – wanting to come to us to try the 100% Evoy1. When the request came upfront from the Royal House of Norwary if the Crown Prince could skipper the boat, there was little doubt that he was more than capable for the task. The trip took us through the beautiful backdrop of the Norwegian Fjords, this time in speeds up to 45 knots. When we returned to port the Crown Princess of Norway – that came alongside with the Royal tender – commented that she seldom sees the Crown Prince smile like this, from ear to ear! Thank you so much for your visit and welcome back

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