Evoy’s new configurator makes designing an electric motor system for your boat intuitive and user-friendly 

Today’s electric boat buyers want more than a one-size-fitsall product; they want to select an electric motor, battery, and boat solution tailored to their specific needs.

evoy configurator

While a growing number of boat buyers are interested in going electric, information about which electric motor systems fit diverse boat types and how they perform is limited. Evoy, the market leader in performance electric boat motor systems, is launching a new digital configurator platform to make it easier to design an electric system to fit your boating needs.  

Evoy believes that the transition to electric boating should be more accessible, and – it must be said – more fun. The motivation is simple: the more accessible electric motor systems for boats are, the faster the shift to zero-emissions in the maritime industry. The new configurator simplifies and enhances the user experience, so boaters have a better understanding of what’s possible going electric and how to achieve it.  

Evoy CEO Leif A. Stavøstrand

‘As the configurator evolves, it has fantastic potential for the entire electric marine industry. We foresee it being something driving the electrification of boats because it will be the best place to see what type of electric motor system fits your needs and your boat efficiently,’

Leif A. Stavøstrand, Evoy CEO and co-founder

How to use the configurator to design your ideal electric motor system

Evoy’s new configurator has multiple potential entry points, taking users on an intuitive voyage toward their ideal electric boat. First, you can use it to build a system for any boat by selecting the generic starting point ‘design your system’. Alternatively, the configurator also displays a collection of 19 boat models powered by Evoy that are already deployed in the marketplace for commercial and leisure customers. You can start by selecting an existing boat model, such as the Axopar 25 Cross Bow, Performance Marine e801, or Hydrolift E-22, simplifying the user-experience

Evoy configurator choose a boat Powered by Evoy electric boat motor systems

‘We want to build trust by making the user aware of all the boats already on the water powered by an Evoy motor system. When you select one of these boat models, like the Axopar 25 Cross Bow, you immediately receive reliable information on range, speed, Evoy system price, and more for that model.’  

Kjetil Watnedal, Evoy CDO
Evoy CFO Kjetil Watnedal

When you select ‘design your system,’ you can then choose from Evoy’s five motor systems – powerful inboards and outboards that deliver 120 to 400+ continuous horsepower depending on the motor. Evoy’s systems fit new builds as well as retrofits. Users can prioritize parameters and make choices based on desired range, speed, power, price, and other key filters.   

We’ve worked hard on building a good flow with the user interface. We want the users to have the capability to choose the filters they care most about, whether it’s maximum speed, boat size, or range, and provide realistic data on performance.’  

Once you’ve chosen criteria, such as a motor, the configurator helps by displaying compatible options for the next step. Each time you narrow down criteria, the parameters filter and refine again to display what’s possible for your electric boat design, from battery and charging options, to touch screen sizes and more.  

How the configurator answers the big ask for electric boats: what’s the range?

‘Many users will already be boat owners and will know the consumption range for their boat. You can input data on fuel consumption for your boat using our slider and receive a realistic range estimate for the electric motor system you’ve selected at different speeds, including cruising speed and slower speeds,’ says Watnedal. ‘The range will continue to adjust as you continue to make selections farther down, for batteries for example.’  

When you’ve finalized your design, what happens next?

You’ve chosen a motor, battery pack, charger, and screen for your desired boat. Then the configurator gives you a price estimate and an estimated lifetime C02 savings based on data you’ve provided on your hours of boat usage and fuel consumption. Next, you fill out a contact information form and Evoy’s sales team will reach out to get underway electrifying your boat.

Accessibility accelerates the shift to electric boating

Everything that can electrify, will electrify. Evoy aims to accelerate that transition by removing barriers to electric boating with the new configurator that guides you step by step into how to go electric.  

Evoy CCO Marte Hofset Rostrup

‘The configurator today is just the beginning of a platform with immense potential. Now we welcome everyone to play around with it, to explore, learn, and have fun!’  

Marte Rostrup Hofset, Evoy CCO


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