From Google to Evoy – Our CCO’s Drive to Explore Limitless Possibilities

What makes a great leader? Evoy CCO Marte Rostrup Hofset on her experiences pursuing new opportunities, avoiding the perfection trap, and cultivating diverse skillsets for strong team synergy.

Marte Evoy CCO driving an electric boat

In the marketing field, Marte, the distinguished Chief Commercial Officer at Evoy, created a success story marked by global experience and prominent leadership positions. Her story serves as proof that seizing opportunities and embracing diverse experiences can open doors to limitless possibilities. Her professional journey traces its roots to the diligent years spent juggling studies and internships during university. It was at Google’s European headquarters in Dublin, where Marte’s career took its inaugural steps. In this vibrant setting, immersed in an international team with members from round the world, Marte’s role centred on overseeing Norwegian advertisers and fostering their growth through strategic Google ads utilization. The experience became the cornerstone for what lay ahead. 

Evoy CCO - Marte Rostrup Hofset

“I worked quite a lot through my studies and my career began with internships that I did during university. I started off my career at Google in Dublin at the European HQ, which was a great place to start! I worked with an international team with people from all over the world.”

Marte Rostrup Hofset, Evoy CCO

Cultivating an international career

A decade abroad brought Marte to a pivotal decision a return to Norway. This decision led her to the impressive offices of DNB, Norway’s banking giant where she accepted the role as Head of Search. The position eventually evolved into a broader marketing portfolio, with Marte leading the management of Google ads and SEO for DNB and its subsidiaries. 

As the years went by, she and her husband and young son seized a compelling opportunity to relocate to the busy streets of New York that led her to OnDeck, a company boasting a workforce of no less than 700 people. Here, she entered the role of Director of Acquisition Marketing. In this leadership position, Marte orchestrated all marketing activities that propelled new leads and eventual sales. She also delved into brand identity, a facet she found particularly enjoyable. 

The transatlantic experience eventually ended with a return to Norway, where Marte returned to Google, this time in a more senior role. She later went on to joining the start-up landscape, taking on the crucial role of CCO at Favrit and now Chief Commercial Officer at Evoy. Marte’s journey, as she candidly shares, was not a meticulously planned trajectory.  

My first memory of what I wanted to do when I grew up, is that I wanted to marry a farmer and live on a farm. That was my dream! After a while the dream changed, and I wanted to be an actress – which I kind of did for a short time as a kid,says Marte As I got older, I had no idea what I wanted to do, so I went to Business School, and once I was at Business School, I wanted to be a consultant like everyone else. By chance I ended up in Google, which led me into the field of marketing. It was not at all like I paved my way to get here. It just happened.” 

Evoy Electric Boat Motors

Avoiding the perfection trap: 80% is “good enough”

Reflecting on the distinctions between corporate giants and start-ups, she finds that acclimating to the nimble pace and perpetual innovation of start-ups poses a challenge when compared to the slower, more structured processes of large corporations. Having tasted the excitement of constant pivoting and experimenting with new ideas, readjusting to the status quo seems to be a trying task — not one she is looking to take on in the foreseeable future.  

Marte has prospered and flourished successfully in the dynamic and fast-paced environments of smaller companies. Now, as she considers her future, the energetic, innovative nature of start-ups along and the weighty responsibilities they entail, have become her guiding principles complementing the wisdom she gleaned from her time at university. 

While I was studying, I learned that 80% is good enough. I was enrolled in a very competitive study, and people were studying and working all the time. Sometimes you must be a perfectionist, and sometimes things need to be 100% of course. But I think having the mindset that not everything needs to be perfect all of the time makes you more efficient, and more comfortable to jump into new positions and opportunities without thinking that you’re unqualified. So that’s something I’ve kept with me. 

Evoy CCO Marte Rostrup Hofset
Evoy CCO Marte Rostrup Hofset

Never a boring day in Evoy

In exploring the motivations behind her career choices, she expresses a love for the ever-changing nature of her role as CCO at Evoy. A day at Evoy is distinguished by the absence of monotony. Far from experiencing groundhog days, she embraces the diverse challenges that come her way. Most of her role revolves around problem-solving, demonstrating the dynamic nature of her responsibilities.

“I think the most enjoyable part of my job is the fact that no days are the same. I’m constantly being challenged, and I’m allowed to challenge others. It’s a lot of fun working in a startup because you get to develop much faster; you get to explore much more broadly without dealing with too much company politics.”

Evoy CCO Marte Rostrup Hofset electric boating
Evoy CCO Marte Rostrup Hofset electric boating

Finding the sweet spot

At Evoy, Marte finds fulfilment not just in solving problems but in doing so alongside a team that works together seamlessly, bringing both efficiency and joy to the professional journey. When asked how it is to manage her team of nine, consisting of sales managers, sales and business developers, PR, marketing, and events coordinators – she leads with a smile.  
“The positive and motivated atmosphere within our team holds a friendly and collaborative environment. In this space, no one hesitates to roll up their sleeves. Everyone is contributing with their unique expertise to push the collective effort forward. The diversity within this team, both in personalities and skill sets, adds to the synergy, and it’s creates a workplace where collaboration is not just a necessity but a source of genuine enjoyment. We work really well together.” 

Handling her key role at Evoy, Marte spills the beans on her strategies for unwinding — a delicate mix of family time, active pursuits, and enjoying her hobbies. The cool part about her job? It lets her combine personal interest in boating with work, and to find the right balance that keeps her motivated to give it her all every day. Marte’s journey at Evoy isn’t just about rocking it professionally; it’s about finding that sweet spot where work and life come together smoothly.  

“I love boating, and I love being at the ocean. But I can’t stand the smell, the noise and the bad conscience of burning literally thousands of dollars of diesel in the beautiful ocean. For me it takes away the whole ‘good feeling’ and harmony of being at sea. Because of that, I feel so motivated being part of a company who is challenging boating the way we know it. The ultimate motivation is to be able to bring everyone the Evoy Experience.” 

Marte Evoy CCO driving an electric boat

Crafting a meaningful life

Marte’s journey speaks volumes about her proactive approach to life. She doesn’t wait for things to happen. She makes them happen. Intentionally selecting opportunities that align with her values and aspirations has shaped both her professional path and personal life. Her goal is not chasing success, it’s about crafting a meaningful life filled with ambition, flexibility, and a steadfast dedication to living fully.   

“I never want to be a bystander in my life. When an opportunity that aligns with my motivation and persona presents itself, I owe it to myself to explore it.” 

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