Lights, camera, revolution: Our film launch for ‘This is Evoy’ 

We’re thrilled to announce the release of our company profile film. As leaders in high-output electric boat motor systems, we’re reshaping the marine industry with sustainable solutions. This is our story.

Everything that can electrify will electrify. At Evoy, we know the future of boating is electric, and we’re building it. This film shows how our small start-up company in the westernmost town in Norway became the global market leader in high-output electric motor systems for boats.

Origins: From motivation to mission

Leif Stavøstrand and his father Gunnar founded Evoy in Florø in 2018. Long-time seafarers – or thalassophiles – boating is their heritage.    

But as Gunnar Stavøstrand says, ‘We don’t inherit the planet from our ancestors, we merely borrow it from our children.’   

At Evoy, we are on a mission to accelerate the shift to emission-free boating. As early navigators sailed uncharted waters, pushing the boundaries of maps, Evoy is pushing the boundaries of marine electrification. The world changes, and we must too, so we can leave the next generation a wilderness worth exploring.  

‘We don’t inherit the planet from our ancestors, we merely borrow it from our children.’

Gunnar Stavøstrand

Industry leadership: from pioneering prototype to global markets

Evoy develops and engineers performance plug-and-play electric motor systems for boats sized 20-50 feet. We put our prototype on the water in 2019. In 2021, customers received the first turnkey electric motor systems in the boat of their choice.   

‘At first, we thought we’d build electric boats, but we made a hard pivot. Why be boatbuilder number 5,001 when you can deliver electric motor systems to 5,000 boatbuilders?’ explains Leif Stavøstrand, Evoy CEO.    

Today we have a network of international boatbuilders installing Evoy’s electric motor systems with markets in 20 countries and counting. Evoy’s high-output electric motor systems deliver 120 to 400 continuous power and are in demand from commercial segments including tourism, aquaculture, ports and marinas as well as recreational segments, such as family day cruisers and luxury yacht tenders.  

Evoy Storm 300hp electric outboard boat motor

The world’s most powerful electric outboard, the Evoy Storm 300+ hp

Our vision: irresistible electric boating

Our vision is to deliver irresistible boating to as many people as possible, whether you’re on a work boat or spending time on the water with people you love. What do we mean when we talk about ‘irresistible boating’? It’s a feeling and it’s our brand motto.    

‘To us, irresistible boating means the second you get back from an electric boat trip you just want to turn around and go out on the water again,’ says Leif.    

‘Joy is intrinsic in electric boating. You go thrilling speeds without fumes or noise. It’s silent. It’s easy. You want to experience more.’  

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Sharing the view: external and internal visionaries

Visionaries need partners to share the view and to collaborate. Evoys depends on having strong relationships with boat builders. Evoy has established trust partnering with boat builders including Axopar, Hydrolift, GoldfishBeneteau, and SAY Carbon Yachts to build the most innovative, future-facing boats.     

To build the technology of tomorrow today, you also need a team of visionaries within. We believe in our team of 56 employees from all over the world. They’re a bank of hands-on maritime knowledge.   

Together we work through prototype, through trial and error, to scalable production in an utterly new field. Together we’ve won awards for the world’s best and fastest electric boats. Our team is the x-factor in success.   

The future: Scalable production at the inflection point

At Evoy, we believe that the shift to emission-free boating belongs to everyone. We see the imminent inflection point where electric boating is the only option. As first-movers in the high-output electric boat motor industry, we’re ready.   

We’re expanding our fleet of custom solutions in power and range to reach even more boaters worldwide. We’re motivated by the fact that each time you accelerate an electric boat, you accelerate the transition to emission-free boating. Just one electric boat offsets 50 tons of CO2 in a single year.     

We never stop voyaging. We won’t stop even when we get there.   

Join us in our mission for cleaner air, water, and game-changing innovations! We look forward to sharing more films with you soon!   

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