Yachtworld takes a deep dive into the world of Evoy

Yachtworld, has the largest database of brokerage boats for sale offered by more than 2,900 yacht brokers and 70 manufacturers worldwide. They contacted our CEO Leif A. Stavøstrand for a deep dive into the Evoy business.   

Image of evoy1 electric boat with big water spray

Excerpts from original article:

Electric boats are poised to be the wave of the future, as incredible innovation is now taking place in electric propulsion, in ways many people never thought possible. We recently conducted an interview with Leif A. Stavøstrand, the CEO of Evoy – an exciting electric propulsion company out of Norway – and from the looks of it, their new electric outboard motors are set to change the way boaters think about boats, speed, efficiency and power.

Evoy’s work on electric motors for marine applications is impressive and they are gearing up to potentially disrupt the industry in a big way – especially with their latest 150-horsepower outboard motor now being prototyped. That’s the groundbreaking product that we’re most excited about right now (after all, it is the world’s most powerful electric outboard motor), but from batteries and controllers to motors, Evoy is advancing the feasibility of electric propulsion on all fronts.

Read the whole article over at yachtworld.com.

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