Gadus Group GOES electric with Evoy

The Ålesund-based aquaculture company Gadus Group will deploy Evoy electric motor systems to operate their farming boats, transport boats and other means of transport at their cod farming facilities. 

Evoy partnering with Gadus Group to electrify their flee

Photo: © Gadus Group

Greener farming

Gadus Group was established in 2020 and has a total of 50 employees at the company’s facilities on- and offshore. The company’s ambition is to produce cod equivalent to 80 million annual meals by 2025. By 2025, Gadus will invest NOK 1 billion to build a number of new cod farms and a value chain from roe to pre-packaged fillets. 

Together with several Norwegian partners, Gadus wants to use Evoy’s solutions to electrify parts of its operations. Evoy is proud to be considered as one of the key partners in this journey towards lowering emissions and contributing to greener farming. 

Leif Stavøstrand CEO Evoy

“We are proud and humbled that Gadus Group has chosen Evoy as a partner to electrify their fleet. Our common mission and vision to provide the world with sustainable marine products makes us a good match.”

- Leif A. Stavøstrand, CEO and co-founder of Evoy

Evoy will potentially supply up to 21 electric inboard motor systems to Gadus Group. This clearly marks the start of the all-electric operation for Gadus and a good collaboration between the two companies. 

"At Gadus, we believe in new solutions for the aquaculture industry. We see today that Evoy's solutions will be an important part of the industry's future and give us the opportunity to reduce our footprint “

- Falk Øveraas, Social and government contact in Gadus Group.

Falk Øveraas Gadus Group

Photo: © Gadus Group

These western Norwegian start-up companies both have far-reaching ambitions. Their joint venture is based on economic and environmental benefits of electrifying the aquaculture industry, electrification is also a completely natural step on the road to a more sustainable industry. 

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