We are all excited to finally have a bit more room! Heavy growth is challenging and fun, and now we have outgrown our offices at Peak Florø. We loved it there, but we can’t all sit on each other’s laps!


A Norwegian Success Story!

Our team has grown tremendously from 5 to a team of about 30, coming from all over the world.


Therefore, our office got… let say a bit tight for our ambition! 

With massive interest from all over the world and deliveries to customers all over Europe, we need to match that with facilities that can let us work more efficiently, co-locating the office and factory. With the new warehouse (of 750 sqm!)/lab/factory we can reduce time and cost on production, logistics, R&D and cost. 

We are happy to say that the new facility meets all our requirements. 

For the team, that also means a new playground, with more office spaces reorganized by teams, a bigger cantina, quiet rooms, brainstorming spaces, and a cool cafeteria that cannot wait to gather the team celebrating our coming success. 

This was quite a journey from an idea that has flourished between a father and his son, to an international business, making boating sustainable and irresistible. 

Working at Evoy

Working at Evoy can be very rewarding both professionally and personally. It is a young company in rapid growth, and we offer great terms including flexible hours and the option of shares. We regularly have social gatherings and events, and no day is the same at work. The learning curve is steep and as CEO Leif A. Stavøstrand says “There is never a boring day at Evoy!”.

Keep an eye on our vacancy listings at At Evoy you can make a difference! 

Check our Careers page for available positions.

Meet Terrance Blanchard (CAN) who also moved his family to Florø. 

Discover the amazing journey of our talented CTO

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